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RatIRL - the story behind the best twitch in the world

RatIRL is a swedish internet personality. He is considered one of the most talented, skilled, and toxic players the League Of Legends community has ever seen. He is known for being thee best Twitch in the world, whether that is in botlane or even in the jungle. In this blog we will be telling the story of RatIRL, his past, and how he became one of the biggest League Of Legends streamers on Twitch.TV

The past of RatIRL

RatIRL is a name that goes back a long time ago, around season 6 when he started to become known. He usually made plays that seemed suspicious that a lot of the league of legends community, high elo players, and even some pro players said that he is using scripts or third party tools to help him make those insane plays.

RatIRL started his career in elo boosting and accounts selling. He was notorious for his 90% winrate accounts. Pretty much any 80% + win rate account on the EU West server that had twitch played was his.

He started to become popular because of those win rates. And because of his fantastic skills on Twitch and other champions, he started inspiring people to become like him. However, people didn’t really copy the best aspects of his gameplay and personality but rather copied the toxic part, and this is where the L9 started to gain massive following and became what it is today.

RatIRL and L9

L9 is a group of toxic streamers that take pride in their toxicity, this group was created at the beginning by RatIRL himself and Obsess (a former pro player for Misfits). It was not intended to be a group or anything, they just thought it's a cool name and they started to use it. Fans quickly started to copy them and their toxicity in Solo Q games, specially RatIRL’s attitude. And that’s why every 13 Y.O edgy kid that thinks he’s cool when inting spams L9 and this guy usually plays either draven or Twitch like RatIRL.

RatIRL Face

One of the things that kind of remain a mystery for the community is RatIRL's face, he doesn't show his face anywhere, no face cam streams, no instagram photos, nothing. However, we kept digging and could found accidentally leaked photos of his face from IWillDominate on stream. & an old snapchat story that he posted 2016.

RatIRL’s rising

Just about a year or a year and half ago RatIRL started to recognize his potential, and use the infamous name he made for himself to become a streamer and a big internet personality.
He started streaming more consistently on Twitch and his following started to skyrocket right after League Recap’s (Rat IRL Montage - “Spaceglider”) video. 

RatIRL since then had a consistent viewers of up to 15,000 concurrent viewers on twitch. And this is number is insanely big for any streamer.

In addition to him taking streaming on Twitch seriously, he started becoming more consistent with his youtube uploads, and literally all his youtube videos get at least 100K views on his RATIRL channel.

RatIRL playlist and why is it so popular

One thing that helped Rat IRL have those many viewers on twitch is his playlist. His taste of music is good, alongside his toxic and funny bantering personality made an overall enjoyable show to watch, and it was easy for him to keep his fanbase loyal to the name of “RatIRL”.

Here's a link to the RATIRL playlist on spotify so you can enjoy listening to it if you don't want to watch his show on twitch.

RatIRL's obsession with cats

While he is very known for his toxicity and that he's the inspiration for the L9 club. He is also known for his obsession and love with cats, that he dedicated his instagram profile to posting photos of his cats only. Make sure to follow his instagram to see photos of RatIRL's cute cats! @ratirl_lol

RatIRL Duo

RatIRL usually duos with players that play for him enchanter supports such as Lulu,Janna,etc. His most popular duo is Yamato, which he duod with him from unranked to challenger, getting a little bit over 70% win rate in their run together.

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