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The #1 Rated League Of Legends ELO Boosting | LoL Boosting

The #1 Rated League Of Legends ELO Boosting | LoL Boosting in the world

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Choose Your desired service Pick the Boosting service that you desire. We have multiple options in multiple games that will allow you to reach your goal to any rank in any game!
Select Your payment method We support multiple type of payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Card.
Follow Your order After placing your boosting order you will be taken to the members area to chat with the booster, track your order and much more without wasting anytime!
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  • Placements
  • Net Wins
  • Champion
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  • Stream Boost
    Extra Cost: +20%
    This option allows the booster to live stream your games to watch how he plays and wins the games in your rank.
  • Specific Champions
    Extra Cost: +20%
    This option allows you to choose a specific champion for your boost to be played with. Please note them in comment section below.
  • Priority Boost
    Extra Cost: +20%
    While all our boosting orders get started very quickly, this option will place your order in the top of the list, so it will get started even quicker than our already short starting time.
  • Premium Duo Q
    Extra Cost: +20%
    This option allows you to Duo Queue with our booster and join voice chat with him, this includes him shotcalling, leading in the game and some elements of coaching. WARNING: You need to select the "Duo Queue Boosting" in "Boost Type" to use Premium Duo Q!
    Extra Cost: +25%
    All our boosters are extremely talented and skilled, however, with this option you will get only one of the highest 3 rated boosters in your game. DISCLAIMER : With this option your order might get started a little later than usual, but it will be completed quickly.

LoL Boosting FAQ

1. Is My Account Secure During the Boost?
We have perfected a system to ensure the safety of your League Of Legends accounts during the boosting process. Some of the methods we use to ensure maximum privacy & security are: Using a very premium VPN. Using Offline Mode. Disabling the shop for our boosters so they do not have access to your Blue Essence/Riot Points. No Third Party Applications Used. And the list goes on.
2. Can I Contact my Booster?
Yes, our handcrafted members area allows you see your order details, track your order status, chat with your personal booster, report a problem & open a ticket in case you need assistance, and it allows you to leave a review for your booster which will be posted publicly on the website and on the boosters personal page.
3. Once I pay for the Boost, what do I do next?
Once you have paid for the boost, make sure you register on our site and then log into your account. You will receive a confirmation link by email to create a new account if there is no account registered to your email. After you are logged into your MyBoosting.GG account, you will customize the details for your service. Once you’ve customized your order, the service is ready to begin.
4. Can I pause my ELO Boosting order for a while?
Of Course, thanks to our talented developers, our members area allows you to pause your order which means the booster WILL NOT play on your account while it is paused, you can login then and play some games of any other queues other than the one you are getting your ELO Boosting in.
5. Can I play on my account while you are working on it?
You can play on your account during a boosting service, but please be sure that the booster is not logged into your account. Please refrain from playing the specific ranked mode you purchased, as this conflicts with the services we are providing.
6. What is Division Boosting?
Division Boosting is basically one of our boosters going into your account or duoing with you from another account until you reach your desired ELO in League Of Legends. Our ELO Boosters will not stop until you get there.
7. What is Placements Boosting?
There is a new season in League Of Legends every year, when a new LoL season starts the accounts ranks get reset to unranked, and you will need to play placements games again to get an ELO rank again. So with this option we will play them for you. This option also suits you if you have never played any ranked games before on your LoL account.
8. What is Net Wins Boosting?
Net Wins Boosting is an option if you are looking for a win or two to win your promotional series to get into your next ELO/Rank, It's basically Number of Ranked Wins done by the booster + Number of Ranked Losses by the booster. So Let's say you ordered 3 Ranked Wins, The Booster won 2 and lost 1, you will still have 2 Ranked Wins remaining. It's Wins+Losses=Ranked Net Wins
9. Champion Mastery Boosting?
Champion Mastery is an option where one of our very skilled ELO Boosters hop on your account and starts performing very well on the champion you love playing, to get you an S or S+ performance, so you get the needed number of tokens to reach the next mastery level on your champion. THIS BOOST IS DONE IN NORMAL QUEUES ONLY!
10. What is LoL Coaching?
LoL Coaching is very simple to understand yet very effective, one of our extraordinary high ELO LoL Coaches will talk to you for an hour or more, watching your replays, pointing out your mistakes, explaining how to fix them, provide their intel on the current meta, and generally telling you how to improve in League Of Legends. This option is best used if you would like to avoid the other LoL ELO Boosting options.

LoL Boosting Customer Reviews

AquaImperium ORDERED [Division Boosting] From Gold IV to Diamond IV
Good booster, good service, slow and weird pay service, but it worked out in the end 
AquaImperium ORDERED [Placements Boosting] Platinum x10
respectful, quick, and a good player. 10/10 would recommend  
Nylis ORDERED [Division Boosting] From Bronze IV to Gold IV
Gold 4!!! many thanks Kramux without a doubt you were amazing both as a player and professionalism. your skills were impeccable and despite that you were very humble even when the other teams had smurfs and were trash talking our team you let your skills talk for you and even defended them without any malice I very much hope to work with you again in the future. I'll make sure to pass your name and this site along to my friends if they need any type of assistance. Once again thank you so very much it was fun!! 
X InFerNo X ORDERED [Division Boosting] From Gold IV to Gold III
Great guy and very skilled person....literally 1v9 LOL 100% 
Classy ORDERED [Division Boosting] From Silver IV to Silver II
p0rnlover1290 ORDERED [Division Boosting] From Gold I to Platinum IV


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LoL ELO Boosting: Our overview on it!

Every League of Legends player throughout their career dreamed of playing in the highest tiers of competitive ranked play. Whether you’re a lol newbie or a seasoned veteran, you must’ve imagined how fun and exciting it would be to share the Rift with League of Legends' most talented players. The idea of showing off a Challenger ranked border in a normal game just gets your blood running. Unfortunately, most people don’t fulfill this dream because of their real-life responsibilities and others just lack the skill, motivation, or time required to get to the highest ranks. Luckily, there is a way to reach any rank in League of Legends without breaking a sweat and it’s called elo boosting.

What is ELO Boosting?

If you’re someone completely unfamiliar with the term elo boosting, we’ve got you covered. Simply put, elo boosting is a process in which a professional League of Legends booster logs onto your account and wins enough ranked games to boost you to your desired rank. After the boost is done, you’ll get your account back with a shiny new rank you can show off to your friends. LoL Elo boosting became a common practice in League of Legends over the years and thousands of players have been lol boosted so far, so why shouldn’t you?

Benefits of League Of Legends ELO Boosting

It’s the easiest choice

When it comes to elo boosting, there are numerous benefits compared to ranking up your account on your own. The first, and the most obvious benefit of boosting, is that the process of ranking up is much faster and that it is guaranteed to happen. When you log onto your account and queue up for a ranked game, you can’t be sure that you’ll win the game in the end and get the lol points. However, when one of our professional full-time boosters starts playing on your account, there is only one outcome. Victory. You won’t have to deal with a bad team in your games as your booster will win the game effortlessly. Boosting can also improve the experience for your teammates and your duo partner, as they’ll win the game and get the league points as well. Last but not least, when you get lol boosted, you’ll have a lot of free time to deal with your responsibilities such as school or work as you won’t have to focus on your lol ranked climb.

The rewards

Next up, the ranked rewards. Ranked rewards are another crucial thing to look at as they’re practically priceless and you can’t get them any other way. The first one is the shiny ranked border that is shown to your premade lobby and your in-game teammates. It’s representative of your ranked level and your overall skill. It goes hand in hand with the matching summoner icon that is awarded at the end of the ranked season. Additionally, let’s not forget about the beautiful Victorious skin that anyone over Gold+ is awarded in November. Another reward worth mentioning is the chromas that go along with the skin, depending on the rank you finished in. All of the cosmetics mentioned above can be only acquired through ranked climbing and our services will make that an easy experience. Do keep in mind that these rewards require a stable honor level which our booster will never jeopardize.

Improving your League of Legends skill

One of the most important things that often gets overlooked when getting boosted is how much it can improve your skill as a player. Will you improve more when playing with Bronze or Challenger players? The answer is obvious and playing games with high elo Challengers will make you a better League of Legends player in the long run. Think of elo boosting as an investment rather than a purchase.

Why choose

Lowest prices on the market

If you’ve stumbled upon our website and decided to get an elo boost, or if you've used other elo boost services in Teamfight Tactics, let us convince you as to why we’re the best lol elo boosting service in existence. We, at, are League of Legends players just like you, and some of us have been boosted in the past. We know that it is hard to pay insane amounts of money on a video game elo boost and that’s why we’ve decided to give you the best deals on your lol boost service. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and there is no better way to do so than to offer you the lowest prices. Additionally, upon checkout, you can use the code “GIVEBACK” for a 10% discount on your lol elo boosting order, which also donates 10% of your total order for families struggling to get basic life needs in Africa. Feel free to give yourself a better elo boost deal while donating to a good cause.

Our ideas and goals

At, we provide boosting services in numerous games, but since League of Legends is the biggest multiplayer game out there, we constantly improve and expand our offer in it. We know what the customers want from a good boosting team because we are passionate gamers ourselves, and that’s the logic we use when we provide our elo boost services. Our idea was to create a trustworthy lol elo boost company that can create long-lasting relationships with customers and we’re proud to say that we’ve achieved that. With over 1000 completed orders, the sky’s the limit when it comes to our company and we look to improve our boosting service with each passing day.

Our history and legacy in League of Legends elo boosting

League of Legends is the biggest multiplayer online game for years and is one of the first games we’ve offered boosts in. 5 years down the road, and we’re one of the best boosting services in the world with a long-lasting legacy behind us. “The customer is always right” is the motto we stand by and we built our company on these pillars. With every boosting order, we strive to improve our service by adding good new features and options so you can have an unparalleled elo boosting experience. With over 1000 completed orders and satisfied customers, we’re still upgrading our boosting system and increasing the boosting options and possibilities our clients have when getting boosted. If you’re still not confident in our abilities, you can check out good reviews of our satisfied customers on our homepage. As always, we’re open to suggestions and if you have one, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Our booster will get the job done

We feel as if every reputable lol elo boost service should only recruit and employ the best of the best, and that’s another factor we pride ourselves upon. Our employees are top-notch Challengers that work as full-time boosters, with unparalleled skill and game knowledge that are working in this industry for years. We would like you to enjoy your time with the booster you're assigned to, therefore, we've chosen only those who are communicative and likable, as you’ll be able to chat and instruct your League of Legends booster during your boosting session. Our newest feature is the interactive boosting dashboard where you can track your order and communicate with your booster. Furthermore, you can make specific requests such as wanting your flash to be on the “F” key or a promotional game played with Karthus jungle for example. Additionally, you can check your booster’s win/loss ratio and the games they’ve played up to that point. We’ve recruited only the best of high elo boosters in all major regions (North America, Europe East, Europe West, Turkey, Russia, etc.), and we’re certain they’ll satisfy your boosting needs and give you a great lol elo boosting experience. Last but not least, as players, we know that you would like to live chat with your booster as they complete your order. That's why we've implemented the live chat option to our service which makes it easy for you to chat with your booster while they play on your account.

The boost’s quality and timeliness

Next up is another aspect that goes hand in hand with the caliber of your booster is the quality and speediness with which they’ll complete your boosting order. We’ve cycled through the best boosters in the world, and in terms of quality, we guarantee that our boosters will win almost every League of Legends game they queue up in. No matter if it’s an Iron 4 game or a Diamond IV promo, our booster can get the job done and get the wins you crave. Additionally, they’ll complete your lol boosting orders as fast as possible, as some of our boosters have completed boosting orders in only a few hours, depending on the size of the order. All in all, your lol boost completion time will be almost immediate with an incredible win rate, so you’ll get to play with your new League of Legends ranked border as soon as possible.

Your account safety

If this is the section you’ve skipped to immediately, we understand you completely. No matter if your League of Legends account is a decade old and you’ve invested a lot of energy and love in it or you’ve just created it yesterday, it would suck to get it banned because of illegal lol boosting or because of a mistake by a booster. For that reason, at, we pride ourselves on using the most advanced VPN changers as well as offline mode, meaning your League of Legends account will not get punished in any way for using our services. It’s worth mentioning that our lol booster will never chat to or flame your teammates, so you don’t have to worry about any eventual punishments to your League of Legends account. Last but not least, access to the League of Legends shop will be disabled for our boosters which means they won’t be able to use your blue essence or Riot points for any purchases.

Payment safety

Moving on, let’s talk about another crucial factor when it comes to the quality of our website, and that’s the discretion of your lol boost payment. Our #1 priority is to keep your money safe and we’ve implemented several measures to do so. We use third-party websites and services that ensure the payment is secure and discrete. You can pay for your boost via PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, UnionPay, Amazon, as well as with the more common Visa and Mastercard credit cards. If you have any other inquiries about the payment process, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

How we recruit our boosters

The hiring process

At, we want to give our customers the best boosting experience, and that can be only achieved if we hire the best boosters in the world. Operating on almost every major server in the world, our boosting network is comprised of only the most-skilled Challenger players on the ranked ladder. However, skill is not the only thing we look for when we’re hiring our boosters. We pride ourselves on our rather thorough and strict booster recruitment process because we want to give YOU the best boosting experience on our website. These are the characteristics a booster has to have to become a part of our staff.

The skill

The most obvious trait a booster has to have to become a member of our elo boosting staff is to be incredibly skilled and talented in League of Legends. Initially, a player has to be at least Diamond I to apply for a tryout. Then, if we’re satisfied with their in-game rank and player profile, we’ll spectate a few of their games where they’ll have to convince us that they have the abilities necessary to become a booster. Not every good player can become a booster just because they hit Challenger on their main account. They have to know how to 1v9 games in any elo and stomp opponents of any skill level, which is a talent not every League of Legends player has. It’s easy to destroy Iron opponents, but our boosters have to be able to adapt to any skill level they’re required to play at. We recruit only the boosters who can consistently win games and carry their team, and unless a player has that 1v9 factor and determination, they cannot become a part of our team.

The professionalism and timeliness

A factor that often gets overlooked when talking about boosters is how professional they have to be in their job. To become a part of our boosting family, you have to be hard-working and to take the boosting job seriously, even though it’s just a video game. We want our boosters to be available and ready for the next boosting service. Additionally, they have to finish their boosts as fast as possible so you can play on your account sooner. When you pay for any service, you want it to be done as soon as possible, and we believe it has to stay that way with boosting.

The attitude

Last but not least, a crucial factor that has to be mentioned is that to become a part of our boosting team, you have to have a positive attitude. Upon recruiting our boosters, we set up interviews where we dissect their personality and determine whether they have the mental fortitude to become a booster. We only recruit players who aren’t toxic and have a clean honor record on their accounts. The worst thing that could happen is that they write something toxic to your teammates who are underperforming, resulting in a ban or restriction on your account. In order to avoid that, we only recruit boosters who won’t write anything to your teammates and rather focus on carrying the game. Additionally, with the addition of our interactive dashboard which enables you to live chat with your booster, we want our boosters to be communicative and friendly, as they’ll be chatting with you throughout the boosting process. Overall, we want your time with our boosting staff to be satisfying and enjoyable, and that’s why their attitude plays a big role in our recruitment process.

MyBoosting is the #1 Rated Boosting website in multiple games, we provide 24/7 Customer Support, Competitive Pricing and Blazing Fast Boosting.