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Fall Guys Boosting | Premium & Cheap Fall Guys Wins Boosting

The #1 Rated Fall Guys Boosting Solution in the World

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Choose Your desired service Pick the Boosting service that you desire. We have multiple options in multiple games that will allow you to reach your goal to any rank in any game!
Select Your payment method We support multiple type of payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Card.
Follow Your order After placing your boosting order you will be taken to the members area to chat with the booster, track your order and much more without wasting anytime!
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  • Stream Boost
    Extra Cost: +20%
    This option allows the booster to live stream your games to watch how he plays and wins the games in your rank.
  • Priority Boost
    Extra Cost: +20%
    While all our boosting orders get started very quickly, this option will place your order in the top of the list, so it will get started even quicker than our already short starting time.

Fall Guys Boosting FAQ

1. Is My Account Secure During the Boost?
We have perfected a system to ensure the safety of your Fall Guys accounts during the boosting process. Some of the methods we use to ensure maximum privacy & security are: Using a very premium VPN. Using Offline Mode.
2. Is my inventory safe during the Fall Guys Boosting?
Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yeeeeeeeeeees! All our boosters are recruited after being tested, investigated about and verified to be legitimate people that deserve to work with us, their only job is to professional and get your rank boosted period. In addition to this Steam Authenticator notifies you if anyone tries to trade from your account. Which means your inventory is totally safe. You are also welcome to trade over all of your Fall Guys items to a different account whilst the Fall Guys boost is in progress.
3. Will you win 100% of the games you play in Fall Guys?
Definitely not, Fall Guys depends a lot on luck, so we cannot guarantee it, however, our boosters usually maintain a very high win rate when boosting.
4. What are the requirements needed to start using your Fall Guys Boosting?
All you need is a Fall Guys account, that's it!
5. Can I Contact my Booster?
Yes, our handcrafted members area allows you see your order details, track your order status, chat with your personal booster, report a problem & open a ticket in case you need assistance, and it allows you to leave a review for your booster which will be posted publicly on the website and on the boosters personal page.
6. Once I pay for the Boost, what do I do next?
Once you have paid for the boost, make sure you register on our site and then log into your account. You will receive a confirmation link by email to create a new account if there is no account registered to your email. After you are logged into your MyBoosting.GG account, you will customize the details for your service. Once you’ve customized your order, the service is ready to begin.
7. Can I pause my Fall Guys Boosting order for a while?
Of Course, thanks to our talented developers, our members area allows you to pause your order which means the booster WILL NOT play on your account while it is paused, you can login then and play some games of any other queues other than the one you are getting your Fall Guys Boost in.
8. What is Fall Guys Win Boosting?
One of our talented Fall Guys players will go into your account, and win on your account the amount of games you have specified.
9. What is Battle Pass Boosting?
Our booster will go into your Fall Guys accounts, and play a lot of games to reach the battle pass level you asked for.
10. I have a question that is not listed here, where can I ask?
MyBoosting.GG offers a 24/7 support for all your Fall Guys Boosting enquiries through our customer support via the live chat at the bottom right corner, you can also email us all your questions at [email protected], we are blazing fast in replying back to your emails.

Fall Guys Boosting Customer Reviews

Our Fall Guys BLOG

Fall Guys Boosting : Our Overview!

Fall Guys has became one of the most popular games in the world, it is a FOTM type of a game that attracts a lot of the players, and builds a lot of hype around it. When this happens with a game boosting services for this specific games arrise. This is why we are starting our Fall Guys : Knockout Ultimate boosting service. We can help you win matches in a quick manner and with 0 hassle, so you can obtain legendary skins, make a lot of progress on your battle pass, or brag to your friends how good of a full guys player you are.

Why Choose Us?

We have a strong reputation in the rank boosting scene, we have been serving customers in 10 online games for more than a little year now, and we have yet to encounter a single situation where the customers were able to walk out of here unsatisfied. We have also built Fall Guys boosting with pricing in mind, so we have offered the most competitive price without selling ourselves too cheap to satisfy both parties; Customers and Boosters.

Our top-notch boosters

We have quickly recruited players that have proven they are capable of obtaining quick wins in Fall Guys, this definitely wasn't easy as the game is very new, but we worked hard on it and didn't start the boosting service for Fall Guys without making sure of this. Boosters will usually start your orders within a few minutes of you placing them.

Payment Safety

It’s safe to say that the last thing you want to happen is to trust your personal credit card information to a dodgy website when completing a Fall Guys boosting order. At, we highly value your privacy, and we want you to be able to trust us when completing the order. That’s why we’ve decided to introduce secure payment methods when it comes to our website such as PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, UnionPay, and many more. Your privacy and the safety of your money is our #1 priority.

Account Safety

Imagine paying tons of money for a Fall Guys boost just for your steam/PS4 account to get banned or worse stolen, at, we use the most advanced VPN changers as well as offline mode, meaning you won’t suffer any consequences from being boosted. Additionally, when a booster logs onto your profile, he won't chat or communicate with your in-game teammates while he's getting those wins for you. After the boost is finished, you'll feel like your profile is basically untouched, as the booster will ensure maximum discretion throughout the boost.

MyBoosting is the #1 Rated Boosting website in multiple games, we provide 24/7 Customer Support, Competitive Pricing and Blazing Fast Boosting.