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19 MARCH 2023 LoL

League Of Legends Level Up Rewards | Season 2024 updated

What are LoL Level Up Rewards

For every League of Legends player, new ones and old ones, leveling up is an integral part of playing the game. Besides the fact that you need level 30 in order to compete in ranked matches, leveling up your account to high levels unlocks numerous cosmetic and gameplay rewards that can be useful. It’s important to understand the ins-and-outs of the experience system in League of Legends so you can get to those rewards sooner and level up your account the fastest. Though, LoL Level up rewards are not to be confused with lol honor rewards. They are very two different independent systems, they complement each other, but they are not the same thing.  In the following article, we’ll dissect Riot’s XP system, explain the best ways to level up your account quickly and analyze the rewards you get once you reach high levels in LoL.

Leveling up from level 1-30

Firstly, we’ll tackle the rewards you get from leveling up as they’re the most interesting aspect of leveling your account. From season 1 to season 8, League of Legends had a level cap of 30, after which summoners were able to indulge in ranked games. For summoners that just started playing the game, the old leveling system had an issue of being a bit too harsh, as it was fairly hard to acquire champions and rune pages. In some situations, summoners found it hard to buy enough champions to start playing ranked once they’ve reached level 30. Furthermore, leveling up was tedious and it lasted for a very long time, while most of the new players just wanted to play ranked, and focus on getting their mastery level 6 quickly by obtaining S every game.

Riot Games recognized this problem, and in preseason 8, they’ve fully remade their leveling system and rune system, making runes free for everyone, as well as making champions more accessible and affordable. New players now have a chance to unlock summoner spells and champions at a faster rate than before. Additionally, they’ve vastly improved the rewards you receive up to level 30, with a wide array of rewards ranging from champion capsules, emotes, ward skins, rune pages, and many more.

Here is a table where you can check the rewards you’ll be receiving from leveling up your account to level 30:   

  •  Summoner Icon Border (Profile)
  • Access to Heal  and Ghost  
  • Access to Co-op vs AI
  • Access to the New Player Free Rotation
  • 450 BE + Pick one of Lux, Master Yi, MF, Darius, or Ahri

  • Access to practice tool

  • 450 BE
  • Access to Classic 5v5 (Blind Pick)
  • Access to ARAM
  • 450 BE
  •  Access to Exhaust and Barrier
  • 450 BE
  • Champion Capsule
  • Poro Pal Emote
Access to Hextech Crafting
  • 900 BE
  • Champion Capsule
Access to Mark and Clarity , Access to ARAM
  • 900 BE
  • Champion Capsule
 Access to Flash and Teleport  
  • 900 BE
  • Random ward skin
  • Champion Capsule
Default rune page
  • 900 BE
  • Champion Capsule
,Access to Smite , Ignite , and Cleanse 
  • 900 BE 
  • Champion Capsule
  •   Custom rune pages, 5v5 PVP draft, Featured game modes
  • 130 BE + Random shard of 1350 BE champion
  • Free champion rotation
  • 450 BE
  • Champion Capsule

  • 450 BE
  • Champion Capsule

  • 500 BE
  • Champion Capsule

  • Random shard of 4800 BE champion
  • Champion Capsule
  • Acess to first win of the day mission
  • 500 BE
  • Champion Capsule

  • 500 BE
  • Champion Capsule
  • Access to "Inspiration: The Timeless" preset rune page
  • Two random shards of 1350 BE champions
  • Champion Capsule

  • 600 BE
  • Champion Capsule

  • Random shard of 4800 BE champion + random icon
  • Champion Capsule

  • 600 BE
  • Champion Capsule

  • Random shard of 3150 BE champion + 20 BE
  • Champion Capsule

  • 725 BE
  • Champion Capsule

  • 725 BE
  • Champion Capsule

  • Random shard of 4800 BE champion + random ward skin
  • Champion Capsule

  • 725 BE
  • Champion Capsule

  • Random shard of 450 BE champion + Random shard of 3150 BE champion
  • Champion Capsule

  • 725 BE
  • Champion Capsule

  • Random shard of 450 BE champion + Random shard of 3150 BE champion
  • Champion Capsule

  • Glorious champion capsule, First summoner icon border
  • Access to ranked 5v5

The best way of leveling up your account to level 30

After you got the idea of the rewards that are waiting for you, you might be wondering what’s the fastest way to get them. Whether you’re a new or a seasoned player, the leveling process is tedious and you probably want to start playing ranked as soon as possible. Luckily, we’ve tested the best mathematical strategy which will win you the most games and shorten the level up period.

Co-op vs AI games for leveling

This is a no-brainer for anyone who’s leveled up an account before, but for those who haven’t, bot games are the best way to acquire XP in the shortest amount of time. Generally, winning games in LoL provides more XP than losing, which makes playing against bots a great option, as it’s basically impossible to lose the game. The games last shorter and they’re easier which means you’ll sweat less in this tedious process. There is a downside to playing against bots as Riot nerfed the amount of XP those games provide in recent history. 

Depending on your level, beginner Co-op vs AI games provide:

  • Level 1-9 - 100%XP 

  • Level 10-19 - 85%XP

  • Level 20-29 - 70%XP

  • Level 30 + - 55%XP

Riot Games did this to prevent people from manually leveling accounts by playing bot games, but Co-op vs AI still remains the best option for leveling your account to level 30 as fast as possible. 

Farming Level up rewards strategies against bots.

We’ve created the best strategy to win as many bot games as possible in the shortest time span. In general, this strategy is a lot easier to pull off if you’re working with a group of players, but if you like to work on your own without anyone bothering you these strategies should work well, and we suggest appearing offline so your friends don't catch you doing those strategies.

First of all, you’re gonna play beginner bot games as the beginner bots are more predictable, and controlling minion movement is a lot easier. Preserving your minion waves is crucial to ending the game as soon as possible. 

However, you don’t want to end the game too soon. The ideal time to end these games is right around 15 minutes, as it provides you with 90 experience as opposed to 70, which you get if you end the game sooner. It may seem like a small difference when you begin, but when you start leveling your account, you’ll feel the difference.

When it comes to in-game strategy, you’re gonna play only bot lane. You may ask yourself: “Why would I play bot lane out of all lanes, ADC’s suck.” We hear you on that, ADC’s do suck, but hold on. Playing bot lane provides you with an advantage in terms of turret pushing, as bot lane turrets have no inherent resistances. That means your attacks will deal full damage to them, instead of a percentage they’d otherwise deal. For this strategy, you’ll only stick to pushing bot lane as rotating to other lanes is unnecessary. Your goal is to push bot until you start punching the nexus.

Furthermore, you won’t be playing an AD carry, you’ll be playing a melee champion. The reason why you do this is because melee champions deal full damage to towers as opposed to ranged champions, which only deal a percentage of it.

The best champions for this strategy are Fiora, Yasuo, Tryndamere, and Olaf. All of these champions have incredible waveclear and stats that make them useful for this purpose. Fiora has the worst waveclear in this group, but she makes up for it with her Q that can hit turrets. Yasuo has incredible waveclear, can kill bots easily, and has fairly high base attack speed. Tryndamere, on the other hand, has an AD buff on his Q, while Olaf has insane attack speed boosts in his kit. Tristana is a small exception to this list as she is a ranged champion, and she only gets a mention because of her e+passive. In general, you can pick any one of these champions, or even try out your own pick, as long as you keep doing the same strategy.

As for your runes, there are a few ones that make a difference when using this strategy. First of all, you’ll opt into the Precision tree, choosing either lethal tempo or conqueror. Conqueror is useful for prolonged fights with bots because of healing, while lethal tempo increases the attack speed of some of the champions we suggested astronomically. Moving on, you’ll get Triumph in your first tree as it provides you with sustain and gold on every takedown, followed with alacrity for added attack speed, which is useful for killing bots and breaking down towers. Last but not least, you’ll take coup de grace to kill low HP bots easier. The second tree is very important as well, and you’re going to choose Resolve. The main reason you take this tree is because of demolish, which helps you break down turrets faster and is essential to this strategy. The second rune can be either revitalize or bone plating, depending on the champion you’ve chosen.

For your summoner spells, you’re gonna take smite and teleport. When it comes to your smite, you want to use it whenever it’s off cooldown to smite cannon minions in order to push the wave faster. Teleport, on the other hand, is used to getting back to lane faster and when the bots occasionally get the better of you. It’s good to remember that dying to bots is not the end of the world as long as you buy your items and continue pushing as soon as you respawn.

When you’re farming XP against bots, it’s useful to have a team that’s on the same page or at least a duo partner. It’s much easier to control games like these with two demolishes instead of one, and with people who’ll understand your tactic.

Last but not least, it’s highly beneficial to buy an XP boost from Riot’s store. You can buy two types of XP boosts. One of them increases the XP you get per win and the other one increases the overall XP you get per day. Both of those boosts are very useful for leveling up and they’ll reduce the time you spend leveling significantly. However, they cost RP which means you’ll have to spend money if you want to get them.

If you’re leveling up your account by playing against beginner bots with an XP boost, you’re looking at around 60-80 bot games. On the other hand, if you’re not buying a boost, you’ll play around 200 games before you reach level 30.

Level up rewards after level 30

Before the level up system was remade, summoners that have reached level 30 did not care about XP points as you couldn’t level up your account further. In preseason 8, Riot lifted the level cap and summoners could level up their account infinitely. This was mainly done because players that hit level 30 basically had no rewards for playing any game mode except ranked and most seasoned summoners had stacks of IP they couldn’t use. Riot Games added sweet rewards for reaching leveling milestones after you’ve reached level 30, making the leveling process a lot more enjoyable and exciting.

At every level, you'll receive a Champion capsule

Every ten levels, you'll receive a Glorious champion capsule


Legend 1 emote

Glorious Champion Capsule

Random summoner icon/ward skin

50Legend 2 emote

Random summoner icon/ward skin

Glorious Champion Capsule

75Legend 3 emote

Summoner Icon Border (Profile)

Glorious Champion Capsule

100Legend 4 emote

Glorious Champion Glorious Champion Capsule

Glorious Legend  Glorious Legend Ward Skin

Level 100 Summoner Icon 

Summoner Icon Border (Profile)

125Legend 5 emote

Glorious Champion Capsule

Level 125 Summoner Icon 

Summoner Icon Border (Profile)

150Legend 6 emote

Glorious Champion Capsule

Level 150 Summoner Icon 

Summoner Icon Border (Profile)

10 Mythic Essence

175Legend 7 emote

Glorious Champion Capsule

Level 175 Summoner Icon 

Summoner Icon Border (Profile)

200Legend 8 emote

Glorious Champion Capsule

Level 200 Summoner Icon  Summoner Icon Border (Profile)

10 Mythic Essense

225Legend 9 emote

Glorious Champion Capsule

Level 225 Summoner Icon 

Summoner Icon Border (Profile)

250Legend 10 emote

Glorious Champion Capsule

Level 250 Summoner Icon 

Summoner Icon Border (Profile)

10 Mythic Essense

Overall, you'll receive a 10 Mythic Essence every 50 levels starting at level 150 and scaling infinitely. As far as emotes go, you'll receive a unique emote every 25 levels, ending at level 500. Additionally, you'll have a prestige border around your summoner icon that scales with the level of your account.

The best way of leveling up after level 30

Leveling up after level 30 is very beneficial because of the rewards we’ve mentioned, and here’s how to do it as fast as possible.

As we previously stated, as your levels progress, you get less XP from playing against bots. At level 30 and onward, you’ll only receive a portion of XP you’d receive from bot games if you were level 1, and that’s why you’ll want to play ARAM.

ARAM is the PvP mode that usually lasts the shortest and grants you a fair amount of XP, which is why it’s the best way to level up. Generally, you’ll get around 300-400XP per hour, which is much better than playing against bots and getting a percentage of the XP you’d usually get. ARAM’s are also much more fun because you actually get to play against real people, unlike bot games which are usually very boring.

If you seriously care about your ranked placement as soon as you hit level 30, you should probably consider getting an elo boost from us to make sure you place as high as possible.

First win of the day bonus and login rewards for new players

We close off the article with a tip to collect your daily win bonus which will make your life a lot easier when you’re leveling up. First win of the day mission will be added every 20 hours to your account, and it adds 400XP and 50 BE. It unlocks at level 15 and doing this mission will significantly speed up your leveling process. Additionally, if you're a new player, Riot Games created a unique daily login reward system that rewards new summoners for playing League on a daily basis. By consecutively logging in, you can upgrade your champion and skin collection significantly.

Here are the rewards:

Login dayRewardChampion choice (you get to pick one)
1Marksman champion + hextech chestTristana, Caitlyn, Ezreal
2Bruiser/fighter champion + 3 key fragments (1 hextech key)Illaoi, Garen, Riven
3Mage champion + 3 day XP boost + hextech chestZiggs, Brand, Morgana
4Control champion + hextech keyNami, Sona, Thresh
5Assasin champion + hextech chestEkko, Talon, Fizz
66300 BE-
7Skin shard + OE

500 OE + Waterloo Miss Fortune skin

New Accounts

Well, well, well, if you're a new player to League of Legends, you're in luck. You've got access to the Journey tab, which contains all sorts of goodies to help you on your way to becoming a pro.

The bundles are like a big shiny present, containing 3 champions with skins, 14-day XP boost, a rune page and a summoner icon. And let's face it, you need all the help you can get to look like you know what you're doing.

The Awakening mission series is like a rollercoaster of emotions, giving you a Masterwork Chest & Key when you've completed them all. Who doesn't like rewards, right? It's like being rewarded for showing up to work on time - just without the paycheck.

Level Up Rewards are like little prizes for reaching milestones on your journey to level 10. It's like you're unlocking different levels in a video game, but the levels themselves are the reward. Mind-boggling, I know.

Daily Play Rewards is like your own personal cheerleader, giving you rewards for playing at least once a day on 7 different days. It's like someone is saying, "Hey, good job, you played today!" Even if you're just button-mashing your way through a game.

But don't get too attached to the Journey tab. Once you've surpassed level 10 and completed all Daily Play Rewards, it's sayonara, baby. The default launch screen will be changed to Overview, and it's time for you to spread your wings and fly. But don't worry, you can still complete the Awakening missions and earn that sweet Masterwork Chest & Key.

Leveling up in normals in 2024 and how it affects your ranked experience

Starting from 2024 Riot Games has announced new MMR Changes for League Of Legends, since the preseason patch, they have made it very clear that your normal MMR and winratio will directly affect your ranked placement on accounts that have never played ranked. This is a very good method to help filter the players and not have L9 edgy players playing against new players and ruining their first ranked experience.

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