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06 JANUARY 2021 LoL

L9 : The Evolution From Trolls to Professional Gamers

What is L9?

Low 9, or L9 for short, was a group created by RatIRL and Obsess. The name was inspired by Hail9, a popular streamer on Twitch. With no prior luck searching for an available name, Obsess decided to pick up the “L9,” and that is where the movement began. It was originally not intended to be a group, but after Obsess spoke with RatIRL, a close friend of his, the two decided to make a club where they would troll other users. Part of the reasons the two created the group was to gain recognition on Twitter, a feat that was difficult at the time for Solo-Q players. Despite being the creators of the group, Rat and Obsess claim that they were not solely responsible for the rise to fame and the label that was placed on L9. There were others who created a bad image for the club, one of the reasons why it became popular so quickly. The two never anticipated L9 to grow to the level that it did. “It used to be a little thing between friends and then it got out of hand,” says Obsess in an interview with The Shotcaller.

L9 Obsess joining Misfits Gaming professional e-sports team.

L9 Obsess joining Misfits Gaming professional e-sports team.

L9 and It’s Reputation

If you ask League players what their input is on L9, you’ll likely receive a lot of negative responses. While the actual L9 members who associate with Obsess and RatIRL are naturally good, they are also toxic, and can be seen spamming pings, symbols, and ban evading. Also, everyone in L9 does not engage in the behavior and activities that the group is known for. Obsess himself has never held lobbies hostage, inted games, or engaged in other extremely toxic which can remove all LoL honor rewards. There are members within the group who boost accounts, and even those who play professionally like Obsess and RatIRL. With any large gaming group, there comes fanboys. Due to its rise in popularity and the lack of activity of true L9 members, most users with L9 in their name are trolls who wish to be toxic. Though there is some confusion, L9 should not be mistaken with the L9 ELO Boosting website. Their name was copied to attract customers due to the rise in popularity of L9. In fact, there are not more than a handful of OG L9 members, which include Selfmademan, Ap0, Obsess, and RatIRL.
L9 League Of Legends community and twitter Backlash
Since L9 is not the most liked group in the League community, is has become the target of criticism by many streamers and notable League players. In fact, Dekar173 stated that anyone who watched RatIRL and Ap0 are human garbage, and that any viewers who support them should post their symbols so that Dekar could ban them from the chat. This was subject to backlash, as RatIRL tweeted back at him and attacked him for the server he plays on and the number of viewers he has on streams.

L9 RatIRL tweet

L9 Known OG Members


Aside from the trolling and toxicity, one of the main members of the original L9 crew, Obsess, has gone to play professional e-sports. He plays for the team “Misfits,” and had an impressive 8-0 win streak with the team. He explains how the team’s managers and staff are very open to discussing things. As a new face within Misfits, Obsess states that his questions are encouraged and addressed during the VOD reviews the team has. Obsess is content with where he is in terms of gaming, happy that he was able to evolve into the player that he is. While he does play professionally, he remains humble and has a growing fanbase, as he will be remembered as one of the less toxic members of L9. He plans on staying with Misfits and believes that the other teams would be a downgrade if he were to join, which would be unprobable since the spaces of junglers are already filled. Though he acknowledges his competition with Maxlore, the starting jungler for Misfits, he remains confident and excited for his future. As of right now, Obsess is attempting to contribute to the team in whatever ways he can without stepping outside his boundaries. This attitude by the young gamer seems to go against that for which L9, the infamous trolling group, stands for.


Ap0, like the rest of the L9 members, is extremely talented at the game, he held the number 1 spot in the EU West server ladder for more than 3 months consecutively playing only 1 champion which is surprisingly a support, and its Janna, however, that does not make it forgivable what he did in the past, he went as far as sending people blades with blood, threatening them to go after their heads, and this one popular incident where he threatened his own suicide if LS refused to coach him, which caused a LOT of stress and pressure for LS, that he had to go public with it.


RatIRL is the most known member of L9, and he is considered the original creator alongside Selfmade, we have to say he is not toxic at all right now, and I personally enjoy watching his streams, that I went ahead and wrote an entire article about him, how he created L9, and his dynasty he made on Twitch, that he is considered by many people to be one of the best streamers on twitch!
He is very known with his Level 1 to Master/Grandmaster series, almost every time you see a brand or twitch in high LoL MMR , you can safely assume that it is definitely RATIRL

L9 LoL and It’s Future

l9 maxlore

L9, for the most part, has lost the fame that it once had. With Obsess playing for Misfits and other members either being inactive or less popular, the group has turned into a fanbase filled with trolls. RatIRL has “Out of Business” written in his Twitter bio and can be seen playing less and streaming less. If you stumble across someone with L9 in their name today, it’s most likely not one of the original members. Since the group was highly toxic when they were more relevant, most users on League forums and Reddit speak poorly of them. In fact, if you visit the social media profiles of the older members such as Ap0 and Selfmademan, you can still see their childish attitudes and toxic state of mind. Regardless of what you think of L9, it has had an impact on the league community. This impact is highly controversial, as many members are relieved to know the L9 trend is dying. The spamming, inting, and holding lobbies hostage has not only gotten many L9 members banned, but also created a community that despises them.

L9 and MyBoosting.GG

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