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20 OCTOBER 2019 Rainbow Six Siege

Best Operators Designs in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege, being the best shooter game, offers 48 great operators that you can unlock through in-game currency called Renown. All of these operators have their own unique skills and gadgets that can be used in different situations.  

  • Hibana
  • Thermite
  • Thatcher
  • Ash
  • Smoke
  • Buck
  • Echo

These are the finest Rainbow Six Siege operators so far. Let’s get to the know-how of these operators and whom should you pick for defending and attacking!


Hibana is a really good breacher as she can shoot six pellets at the reinforced walls and blow them to make a rectangular hole or to open new lines of sights. There is a drawback too and that is that X-KAIROS takes a lot of time to trigger and it can also be rendered useless by Mute’s signal disruptor. X-KAIROS can also be completely destroyed by Bandit’s shock wire.


Thermite is less popular than Hibana but it is still very effective in destroying the reinforced walls. It makes are real good team with Hibana so that none of the enemy’s walls are standing. To open the key walls is sometimes the key to success in Rainbow Six Siege and that is when thermite comes to help as its exothermic charges can blow a huge whole in the reinforced walls which can give your team a chance to rack up kills but it also helps in speedy defuser plants and an easy way out for the rushers.



Thatcher’s EMP Grenades can disable an enemy’s electrical devices that are in a certain range. As the Mute’s signal disruptor and Bandit’s shock wire can render all the breaching devices, a lot of gadgets and drones useless, that is when Thatcher comes in handy as it’s EMP Grenades can counter all these through windows and ceilings. This breaching ability makes it the best operator for attack in Rainbow Six Siege.


Ash is the most versatile, deadly and popular operator in Rainbow Six Siege as she is adapted to rushing and catching the enemy off guard while they are still setting up for the attack. In the start of the round, she can blow a hole through unreinforced walls and work on doorways so that you can attack the enemy at the very beginning of the match. This makes her a real good candidate to take the enemy off-guard. 


Smoke is as ideal defensive Rainbow Six Siege operator as it can excel in holding down the objective room as well as holds off the defuser plants by his Gas Grenades’ Remote. This remote can hold off the corridors for 10 seconds with damaging fumes at a certain time. Smoke can even attack the Rainbow Six Siege operators at bay with the help of an arsenal. 



The buck’s is suggested as the entry fragger by his layout but it has made its way in the Meta by being a best operator in Rainbow Six Siege for vertical play. Buck is able to blow up the ceilings and floors with brilliant efficiency and he can lock down his objective from many unexpected angles. The skeleton key (an under-barrel shotgun) can blow up huge areas of walls, ceilings and windows with its ammo. Buck’s semi-auto fire and high-damage makes it a very hard operator to beat when rounding a corner. 


Echo is also one of the best defenders in Rainbow Six Siege because of his YOKAI drone which can disrupt the attackers halfway through defuser planting. One single blast from YOKAI can bring the whole strategy to disarray because the smoke grenades wear off due to it and the roaming defenders gets the chance to attack their prey.

Those were the finest operators in terms of designed, this list was made by some of our best Rainbow Six Siege boosters.
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