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18 JULY 2020 Rainbow Six Siege

Is boosting in Rainbow Six Siege bannable?

Boosting. We’ve all heard of it,and most of us have fallen victim to those who are r6 boosters, or people who are on the receiving end of the boost itself, but is rainbow 6 siege boosting bannable?

On one hand, nobody likes playing with boosters besides the people who are getting boosted themselves, which is understandable, but the question isn’t about if people like getting boosted, or playing with boosters. The question is whether or not getting boosted can result in a ban. To explain the answer, we have to give context as to how boosting has come around ever since the beginning of boosting services, and how it become so huge and trending in the recent events.

The first big thing we need to talk about is boosting, and coaching. Coaching can be interpreted in many different ways, one of which is verbal coaching. The player who’s looking to improve, and escalate their performance will hire a coach to watch over their gameplay and the coach themselves will explain what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and if they need to do it any differently. 9 times out of 10, the person who’s getting coached has many flaws at the beginning of their coaching sessions, but the more and more they get coached, the fewer and less consistently do the flaws that they originally showed show up while they’re playing ( a direct success from the results of the coaching sessions ).

While boosting on the other hand forces the person who’s getting boosted to physically log into the customer's account, or ( if requested ) they will play with the customer on an alternate account. Duo boosting, although it isn’t nearly as common as solo boosting, is the safest method of boosting known to boosting companies alike, and with solo boosting, although the percentage is drastically decreased ( for getting caught / getting banned ) there still IS a potential ban process that Ubisoft could seek fit, and end up banning the booster ( not the customers’ ) account, which results in a 99.99% safe gate for customers.

There is still that 0.01% percentile that somebody’s account could get banned for account sharing, but the chances of that happening are so low, that it’s almost not worth mentioning. As long as you haven’t gotten boosted by somebody who uses third party systems for their boosting practices, then there is little to no chance of your account getting banned. If you do end up getting boosted by somebody who uses those sort of boosting techniques, not only will your account get banned, but the person who used the cheats themselves will also get banned. Something that these cheaters use to try and prevent, or even stall their banning is by using VPNs to try and stall their ban.

Not only do we not hire boosters who have hit a high ranking in Rainbow Six through cheats / third party systems, but we ONLY hire the most authentic, and truly skilled boosters all across the world. We are the only tried and true company who has hired high ranking players all across the globe, but we’re the only ones who can guarantee your account won’t get banned for r6 boosting, account sharing, or cheating. With that being said, we’re so confident in ourselves, that we will always offer warranties on all of our orders, regardless of rank, regardless of duo or solo preference in boosting, regardless of anything. We will provide for you, and anybody else a quality service you’ll never forget.

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