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20 OCTOBER 2019 Rainbow Six Siege

Reasons to Play Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most played FPS video games even after all these years of its launch. This is the very first and most important reason that you should play Rainbow Six Siege. In this article, you can get to know about some reasons that you should play Rainbow Six Siege. These reasons are: 

The Operators

The operators make upto 50% of the brilliant game. In Rainbow Six Siege, all the operators have a unique skill and a unique gadget that they can use. There are also a limited number of times that the gadget can be used. Aside from this, all the operators are equally countered by the rivals so everyone has to be conscious of their surroundings. This makes the game more likeable and attractive as it gives you a chance of carefully thinking your strategy. You have to pick your team so that they can complement each other’s skills. This game is a perfect balance of skills and gadgets. This makes it worth giving a try. 


The Gameplay

The Gameplay is all about first person shooting. In all the other FPS genre games, they either had extravagant recoil or no recoil at all but in Rainbow Six Siege, there is a perfect balance of realism and fun. There is more to Rainbow Six Siege than the other shooting games. In this game, you have to think your tactic and then go for the opponent. It gets really frustrating but when you get the hang of it then you can know about your mistakes and then only will you be able to overcome these mistakes and get further. You need to have fast reflexes, accuracy in shooting, anticipation of enemy positions and learn about the map layouts. All these things make Rainbow Six Siege a tactical shooter game.

The Competitive Scenes

The competitive scenes in Rainbow Six Siege are supported really nicely by the Ubisoft. Every year, new details plans are added and every three months, new operators are introduced in it. There are new rewards for the seasonal awards along with non-professional players, introduced in the global tournament every year. There is so much potential in this game that was not even thought at the start of this game. We can expect more from Rainbow Six Siege in the coming years!

The Maps

The maps of Rainbow Six Siege are designed with a lot of thinking and efforts which can be seen from the incredible details in the layout of maps when you are playing. Every location is a new one and it does not resemble any other location. If one location is Brazilian Favelas then the other one can be Icy Island in North Atlantic Ocean. The maps are never unfair for attackers and defenders because of the various entry and defensible chokepoints. The Rainbow Six Siege is all about learning of maps, camera placements, destructible environment and angles. Knowing all about map is the perfect ticket to winning matches.


The Perfect Fit to Online Gaming

There are 11 single-player mysteries and scenarios in the Rainbow Six Siege only for online play. The team of 80 members of Ubisoft has been committed to regular expansion packs after every three months since Rainbow Six Siege’s launch. All the new modes and maps are free for those on a level playing field. The eight new operators of Rainbow Six Siege take around 25 hours to unlock each. All these exclusive packs, challenges and missions make Rainbow Six Siege a perfect fit to online gaming. 

Because Rainbow Six Siege is a very competitive game, make sure you keep improving in R6 to keep up with the competition!

The Techno-Thrill

The trilling world created by Tom Clancy in his novels was the inspiration behind Rainbow Six Siege. This is the reason that Rainbow Six Siege delves into real-world dangers, troubling ideas, and themes. The latest NVIDIA technologies had greatly benefited Rainbow Six series for PC. The streaming and recording effects from HBAO+ and TXAA have given the game more realistic effects. The Horizon Based Ambient Occlusive (HBAO+) has given ShadowPlay effect which makes deep and realistic shadows that can help to hide a player/operator in them very effectively. The Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TXAA) gives the game a GameWork effect which helps in smoothing out the edges and helpfully removes the unnecessary flickers from the video game. These technical improvements provide unimaginable thrill to the gamers.

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