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19 MARCH 2023 Rocket League

5 Common Mistakes Holding You Back from Ranking Up in Rocket League

Greetings, fellow Rocket Leaguers! Have you ever wondered why you're still stuck in the lower ranks, unable to soar to the heights of Grand Champion-dom? Fear not, for I, your friendly neighborhood Columbus, am here to shed some light on your tragicomic existence. So tighten your seatbelts and prepare to facepalm, because we're diving headfirst into the 5 common mistakes holding you back from ranking up in Rocket League.

1. Boost-Hogging: A Tale of Unquenchable Thirst

Ah, boost. That sweet, sweet nectar that fills our tanks and fuels our dreams of aerial acrobatics. But, dear friend, let me ask you this: Are you a boost hog? You know, the type of player that would rather do a cross-map pilgrimage for a full boost pad than grab those dinky little pads nearby?

Here's some news that might shock you: Boost is a team resource, and your teammates need it too! Try to resist the urge to gulp down every full boost pad like a starved beast. Instead, learn to manage your boost and make use of those small pads. You'll be back in the action faster, and your teammates won't be cursing your name under their breath.

2. The Ball-Chasing Chronicles

We get it. It's called Rocket League, not "Rocket Sit Back and Watch Others Play League." However, there's a fine line between enthusiastic participation and mindless ball-chasing. You might think you're being helpful, but in reality, you're just causing chaos and making it harder for your team to score goals.

Remember: Rocket League is a team game, not a one-person show. So take a breath, look around, and consider your teammates' positions before you charge in like a headless chicken. Trust them to make plays, too. You might just find that your team scores more goals when everyone gets a chance to shine.

3. The Ego-Driven "I Got It!" Syndrome

You're in the heat of the moment, adrenaline pumping through your veins. The ball is sailing toward your goal, and there's only one thought in your mind: "I got it!" But wait – do you really got it? Or is that just your ego talking?

There's no shame in letting your teammate take a shot or make a save if they're in a better position. Swallow your pride, and remember that the goal isn't to prove you're the best player on the team; it's to win. So, communicate with your teammates and let them know when you're in a better position or when to back off. You might find that working together leads to sweet, sweet victory.

4. The Art of Whiffing: A Masterclass in Missed Opportunities

Whiffing – the act of completely missing the ball and leaving your dignity somewhere on the field. We've all been there, but if you find yourself constantly whiffing, it's time to hit the training ground. Practice makes perfect, and while whiffs can be hilarious, they're not exactly conducive to ranking up.

Spend some quality time in free play or training packs. Work on your car control, aerials, and accuracy. The more you practice, the less you'll whiff, and the more your teammates will thank you (or at least not rage at you).

5. The Tragicomedy of Toxicity

Finally, we arrive at the pièce de résistance of common mistakes: toxicity. Let's be real – nobody likes a toxic player. They can turn a fun, exciting game into a miserable, demoralizing experience. And, newsflash: being toxic doesn't make your teammates play better!

So, instead of devolving into a keyboard warrior or throwing shade at your teammates, try offering encouragement or constructive criticism. You'll likely find that a positive attitude goes a long way in helping your team perform better – and that, my friend, is the key to ranking up.

So there you have it: 5 common mistakes that are holding you back from ranking up in Rocket League. But hey, at least they make for some good laughs, right? Now go forth, correct these mistakes, and ascend to the heights of Rocket League stardom. Or, at the very least, stop being the butt of the joke.

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