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18 FEBRUARY 2020 Rocket League

All Gamemodes in Rocket League

Rocket League is a soccer based high powered vehicular video game developed and published by Psyonix. Instead of playing the game with animated players running and using their feet to score a goal, you sit relaxed in your rocket-powered automated vehicle and score goals in your opponents' goalposts, enjoying high-resolution graphics. 

Gamemodes in Rocket League

  • Soccar
  • Snow day
  • Hoops
  • Rumble
  • Dropshot


Soccar is the standard game mode in Rocket League. The objective of every player is to score a goal by throwing the ball in the opponent’s goal post. Each match lasts 5 minutes and the team with most goals wins.

If by any chance match is tied, the teams will play a golden goal extra time. Soccar can be played on all maps other than Dunk House and Core 707.

Snow Day

In Snow Day mode, the soccer aspect of Rocket League is exchanged with a hockey puck. Snow Day uses a snowy version of DFH Stadium and Utopia Coliseum. The puck has to be thrown into opponent's goal post to score a goal. The puck usually stays on the snowy ground of the arena. There could be only two scenarios where the puck flies in the air. The puck is struck that it hits the ceiling of the arena and falls straight down. The puck is hit from both the teams at the same time. You need to use every last bit of your boost to stay on the puck and hit it in the air before your opponent as it has an increased opportunity of scoring a goal. An air shot is much harder for the opponent goalie to block.


Hoops is a basketball style game mode where the goals have been replaced by two baskets. This is the only mode in rocket league that uses The Dunk House Arena.

Hoops mode has a low ceiling smaller arena with raised vertical posts. Players have to throw the ball such that it lands vertically into the baskets attached to vertical posts.

Tires of the vehicles make squeaking sounds like those of basketball shoes on the court. Announcer's voice and exclamations are also showing the association with basket ball. A basketball style buzzer sound that you can hear whenever a player scores a goal also gives a complete expression of a basketball match.


Rocket League Rumble is a standard three into three match with power-ups.

Rumble can be played on all maps except for the Dunk House, Core 707 and DFH Stadium.

Every player gets a random power-up every 10 seconds. These power-ups are:

  • Disrupter: It makes the opponent player go at full boost speed.
  • Swapper: It swaps your position with the targeted opponent.
  • The Boot: It kicks your opponent.
  • Tornado: It creates a tornado around your vehicle.
  • Magnetizer: It attracts the ball towards your car.
  • Freezer: It freezes the ball.
  • Grappling Hook: It pulls you towards the ball.
  • Power Hitter: It gives you extra ordinary power to destroy your opponent's vehicle.
  • Spike: It sticks the ball to your car when you bump into it.
  • Hay Maker: It punches the ball.
  • Plunger: It pulls the ball towards you.


Dropshot mode introduces dynamic breakable floors and intensely electrified ball, all inside a hexagonal arena.

Rather than pushing the ball into the opponent's goal post, players have to destroy the floor panels on the opponent's side of the ground and throw the ball in those destroyed gaps

The more damage you do to your opponent's floor panels, the more chance you have to score a goal.

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