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07 JULY 2020 Rocket League

Rocket League Tips & Tricks

For those who are unfamiliar, Rocket League is a sports based video game, and was titled ( before public release ) “soccer with cars”. It not only features a competitive game mode based on outmaneuvering opponents, tactical decision making, or just simply outsmarting your opponents. That’s the premise of Rocket League. 

Even with this game's simplicity, most people still struggle with mastering the basics, and even if they can’t master them; they still struggle nonetheless. So, we’re here on behalf of the community to help improve you, your gameplay, and your understanding.

Starting off with simple tricks, and leading into the more advanced tips and tricks you could benefit from, we’re going to begin with the camera settings. The camera settings play a big majority on how you play, how you see the map, and how you comprehend plays before they even happen. Mess with the camera settings, and try to find a setting that best suits you, and your perspective. Most Rocket League boosting professionals / high ranking Rocket League players, or even elo boosters who play Rocket League normally have their camera set to (insert map dimensions / shit here ) 

Learning how to rotate, or if you already know how to rotate, you may not know WHEN to rotate. With the above tip, you combine both of these tips, and you will become the best defense / goalie your team has ever seen, but if you’re more of an aggressor, and want to see quick results without the help of anybody else, then learning how to rotate without the help of your team could be beneficial as well! It doesn’t help one specific type of playstyle!

Never chase the ball - it may be tempting just like all things in life, but the number one tip that many do not listen to is to not chase the ball. Say you do end up deciding you want to chase the ball, and you’re by yourself, you aggress forward by yourself, without somebody else helping you / pressuring the opponents, now you’re caught out, by yourself. To put it in lamest terms; it’s simply unsafe, and a number advantage that the enemies have. 

Find a teammate. Don’t like playing alone? You don’t have to! With the help from us and the Rocket League affiliates, not only can you queue up with somebody who’s been playing Rocket League at a higher caliber for  years, but you can also queue up with a coach who will be there for everything you do, and guide you to succeed, and taking home that dub! Now, if you already have a duo, then that’s no problem of course, but once you do have a duo partner, this greatly reduces the likelihood of somebody on your team rage quitting, intentionally griefing you / your team, but you’ll also pick up on your teammates movement, and playstyle - this alone could improve your odds on winning.

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