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16 JULY 2021 WildRift

Top 5 champions for beginners in Wild Rift

Whether you’re a seasoned League player or a complete rookie, choosing your first Wild Rift champion that you will main can prove to be a difficult task. Currently, there are over 60 champions with completely unique abilities and playstyles that fill different roles in the game. Because of their kits and abilities, some of the champions in the game are easier to execute than others, especially if you’re a beginner. That’s why we’ve chosen the top 5 easiest champions in Wild Rift, one for each role in the game.

Baron Lane - Garen

Wild Rift Garen

Our pick for the Baron lane is the Demacian sword-wielding juggernaut named Garen. He is best known for his fidget spinner-looking ability that makes him slice the opponent’s team rapidly while looking like a Beyblade. Garen is a perfect champion for any new top lane player in many regards. First of all, his abilities are extremely easy to understand and master, since most of his plays will consist of jumping on opponents with Q and slicing them up with E. An occasional W and R here and there and that’s basically all you need to know about playing Garen. He is naturally tanky, which means you’ll be less punished for poor positioning. Garen has no mana which is a factor that new players who are poor at managing resources also appreciate. Overall, Garen’s a perfect top laner to play for the first time, as you’ll understand what the role’s all about, and you can transition into other top laners once you get better at the game.

Runes :


  Hunter Vampirism

  Adaptive Carapace

Hunter Genius

Summoner Spells:

Jungle - Master Yi

Master Yi Wild Rift

We’re keeping things simple in the jungle as well, as we choose Master Yi as our pick. As a champion, Master Yi is a beginner’s wet dream with his multi-kill potential and his cool samurai look. Pentakills and a cool helmet are not the reasons why we chose Yi, however, but rather the fact that he is simple and effective in the jungle. Generally speaking, the jungle is the hardest role to play for anyone that is playing Wild Rift or LoL for the first time. A useful jungler can easily swing the game in your favor and impact the game like no other role can. That’s why Yi is a perfect choice as the champion clears camps and fights opponents by himself. Yi has no skillshots and his fights consist of him repeatedly basic attacking and smashing Q. Unlike Garen, he does have somewhat of a skill ceiling, as using Q and W at the perfect moment can take some practice and getting used to. That being said, if you’re looking for a fun champion that can carry games with ease, look no further than Master Yi.




  Hunter Titan


Summoner spells:

Mid Lane - Annie

Annie Wild Rift

Moving on, we’ll talk about Annie, who is undoubtedly one of the easiest and most effective mid lane mages you can pick up when you start playing the game. Annie is extremely easy to learn as she only has one skillshot, but she is very rewarding because her damage output is incredibly high. If you stun your opponents first with your R, following up with a Q-W combo, you’re very likely to one-shot them on the spot. Her damage post-6 is unpredictably high which you can use to your advantage when you play against an unprepared opponent. Another advantage when you start your Wild Rift journey with Annie is that her playstyle will introduce you to the playstyle of other mages in the game. That means that you can easily transition to more complex mages that require a certain amount of experience.




  Second Wind

  Sweet Tooth

Summoner spells:

or (Exhaust vs assassins)

Dragon Lane - Miss Fortune

MF Wild Rift

It’s time to address the elephant in the room which is the infamous ADC role. Getting oneshot and being deleted from the game is just a part of every bot laner’s life and you simply have to get used to it. However, if you want to have a fighting chance by playing a champion that can wipe out teams by pressing a single button, look no further than Miss Fortune. She is a perfect champion for anyone picking up Ad Carry for the first time as she embodies what the role is all about, standing behind your team and dishing out tons of damage. Her ultimate ability is extremely fun to use as you can win teamfights on your own if you position yourself properly. Just like with our previous picks, Miss Fortune is a valuable choice for any bot lane rookie as you’ll be able to play more complex carries like Ezreal or Jinx once you learn to kite and position properly.


Fleet Footwork


Bone Plating

Manaflow Band

Summoner spells:

Support - Soraka

Soraka Wild Rift

The last champion we’ll be talking about is the banana tossing support named Soraka. After you’ve played a game with Soraka, you’ll understand the banana joke, but jokes aside, Soraka is a very powerful support that requires little-to-no knowledge of the support role. Just with a few clicks she can swing the fight in her team’s favor with her powerful healing abilities. She also has a nifty silence on her E which rounds up a kit packed with utility and control. Her power lies in the fact that you can play her both passively and aggressively, depending on the champion you’re supporting. Additionally, by playing her, you’ll be able to play more complex supports as you get more experienced, but she’s also a champion that can be mastered to perfection if you put the work in. 





Pack Hunter

Summoner spells:

or (Ignite for aggro, exhaust against assassins)


In the end, if you follow our guide, picking your first Wild Rift main is going to be a piece of cake. Generally, if you play these champions for the first time casually, or in ranked, you’re bound to succeed because of their low skill ceilings. However, if you’re having a tough time in ranked, let us give you a helping hand by using some Wild Rift boosting magic. Our reputation precedes us and you'll undoubtedly be satisfied with the service we'll provide.

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