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09 JULY 2024 Gaming

5 Must-Read Video Game Books for Gamers

If you're reading this blog, then you're likely a huge fan of video games and have spent hundreds of hours on specific titles. If that's the case, you're one of a rapidly growing gamer demographic. Based on Grand View Research's data on the video game market, there are 3.22 billion gamers worldwide as of 2023, with market researchers expecting the number to rise to 3.32 billion gamers worldwide by 2024. Meanwhile, the global video game market size was estimated at $217.06 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow further at a compound annual growth rate of 13.4% from 2023 to 2030.


Every year, shifting trends in the video game sector, like increased accessibility, social interaction, connectivity, and changing perceptions, contribute to the growth of the gamer demographic. Meanwhile, esports has also experienced rapid growth in recent years, quickly becoming mainstream entertainment. Nowadays, gaming enthusiasts include a mix of those who play the games, those who watch them being played by professionals, and content creators.


Whether you're a gamer trying your best to grind the ranks or an avid esports or gaming content viewer, it can help you take the time to learn more about the world of video games as well as video games as a growing industry. Fortunately, reading has become increasingly accessible over the years. Nowadays, you can find various video game ebooks on the ebook subscription platform Everand. Among the millions of reading materials available on the platform, its Video Games category includes helpful guidebooks for a variety of games, from Minecraft and Roblox coding to Fortnite and Pokemon. There are also various useful ebooks for those interested in learning about game development, coding, game design, and game writing.


So, regardless of why you want to learn more about video games, there is a wealth of information, guides, and trivia about the industry and its history. Below, we'll be sharing five must-read video game books for gamers and gaming enthusiasts:


Lost in a Good Game

Our first on the list is for the gamers who spend their time arguing against parents or authority figures who think video games are a bad influence. Pete Etchells' book journeys through the history and development of video games — from Turing's chess machine to modern mass multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft. Balancing scientific findings with eloquent writing, Etchells paints a poetic image of the relationship between gamer and game by sharing his personal struggle with grief.


Today, Etchells is a researcher into the psychological effects of video games. He also co-wrote a recent paper countering WHO's plans on classifying gaming disorder and gaming addiction as dangers to public health. Aside from arguing that he finds this concept a bad idea, Etchells also proposes that WHO's stance is based on bad science.


Think Like A Game Designer

Game designer Justin Gary shares his secrets to thinking like a game designer in super simple, practical, and actionable steps. Even if you don't have plans to pursue a career as a game designer, the book is still an interesting read for anyone who loves video games. Critics argue that even people with no interest in gaming are likely to take away valuable lessons from Think Like A Game Designer about innovation, marketing, and how the gamification model motivates players and potential customers.


Justin Gary has worked for twenty years in the gaming industry, working on games such as Solforge, Ascension, and the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game. As a supplement to the book, Gary also has a 5-step mastery course for those looking to apply their learnings and bring their game ideas to life, whether a video game, board game, or card game.


Ready Player One

Less of a guidebook this time, Ernest Cline's Ready Player One is a dystopian fiction set in the future where everyone lives their lives in a virtual-reality simulation world. Like a book version of Epic Games' Fortnite, the story is an homage to retro video games mainly from the 80s, as well as other gaming references and intellectual properties from modern popculture. For gamers who may think reading isn't for them, the book is a great and geeky take on what the future of gaming may look like.


Aside from getting a movie adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg, the book's author recently announced a virtual open metaverse based on the story for virtual platforms. Details are sparse, but AI and metaverse tech and content company Futureverse has stated they expect the virtual world to launch sometime in 2024.


A Game In The Life

Just as Ready Player One takes gamer geeks into the lively arcade and retro world of gaming in the 80s, A Game In The Life is a personal journey chronicling author Jordan Rudek's coming-of-age through his favorite video game titles. This is a great read for younger gamers looking to learn about the history and development of video games and how they can help shape the gamer's identity along the way. The book is a nostalgic look at classic titles like Capcom's Mega Man 2 and more recent games like FromSoftware's Dark Souls. 


Today, author Jordan Rudek is a Reviews Editor at Nintendo World Report and a professor in the English department at Langara College. For older readers, you'll love Rudek's insights on classics like The Legend of Zelda and Tetris matched with broader themes of friendship, personal growth, and overcoming challenges in real life.


Changing the Game

Finally, Changing the Game is a look at a growing segment of the video game industry. The book positions video games as part of a multi-billion-dollar industry that has shifted far away from the stereotypical basement-dwelling, isolated teenager. Instead, the book explores the highly competitive championship tournaments and lucrative sponsorships of the bustling esports world. Written by investment expert Lucy Chow, Changing the Game looks at video games as an industry bubbling with investment opportunities, emerging career paths, and a massive space for innovation.


To support her arguments, Lucy Chow selected 34 essays from thought leaders in the gaming industry. These are curated perspectives on various gaming and esports-related topics, from the future of gaming and the use of gaming in schools to the growing roles of women in the field.


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