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20 MARCH 2023 Rocket League

How to Actually Build Teams, from an RLCS Winner Coach

Hey there, Rocket League fanatics! It's your buddy (and RLCS Season 1-winning coach) here, and I'm about to give you the inside scoop on building a top-tier team that'll have your opponents quaking in their Octanes. Get ready for some laughs, a few wild stories from my glory days, and some serious team-building advice – all with a healthy dose of slang and humor.

1. Forget MMR, it's all about the vibe

I'll never forget our RLCS Season 1 Quarterfinals match against the odds-on favorites. Everyone thought we'd be demolished, but you know what? We wiped the floor with them. Why? Because our team had the chemistry, trust, and banter that made us click. We were like a well-oiled machine, and it showed. Don't let big numbers fool you – the key to success is in the vibes, even though we totally understand high rank is important, but sometimes people just get rocket league rank boosting to get high rank, and their skill is not actually that great. To understand more about this, dive into our guide on improving in Rocket League.

2. Ego, schmego – teamwork makes the dream work

I've seen it all: players who think they're God's gift to Rocket League, only to have their egos trip them up. In RLCS 1 Semifinals, one of our star players tried to pull off a solo play, ignoring a perfect passing opportunity. We almost lost the game because of it. Moral of the story: teamwork always comes first. Keep your cool and stay humble with our Rocket League ranked tips.

3. Talk the talk (and not just trash talk)

In-game communication is more than just spamming "What a save!" or throwing some cheeky banter. Good communication wins games. During the nerve-wracking RLCS 1 Finals overtime, our team communicated like telepaths. So make sure you're chatting about more than just the latest memes, and check out our Rocket League tips and tricks for communication insights.

4. Practice makes perfect (even when it's a grind)

We practiced relentlessly before RLCS 1, grinding custom training packs and scrimmages day in and day out. But it wasn't all work – we even had a team retreat where we bonded over trust exercises and late-night Mario Kart tournaments. And guess what? It paid off. So buckle down, get practicing, and learn from our article on the 5 mistakes holding you back in Rocket League.

5. Keep your cool and roll with the punches

We faced our fair share of challenges during the RLCS 1 Finals, but our team always stuck together. I remember one game where we were down by three goals, but we pulled off an insane comeback, all thanks to our unwavering trust in each other. Building a strong team means handling anything that comes your way – and trust me, Rocket League will throw some curveballs. Develop that mental toughness with our guide on psychology and mind games in Rocket League.

6. Adapt, adjust, and learn

We had a wild RLCS 1 match where the opposing team pulled off a strategy we'd never seen before. At first, we were stunned, but instead of panicking, we quickly adapted and managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The key takeaway? Be prepared to embrace the unexpected and learn on the fly. Rocket League is all about unpredictability, so keep your head in the game and be ready to adapt. Our climbing 101 guide is your go-to resource for thriving in chaos on the field.

7. Share the knowledge and grow together

I once had a wise old mentor who taught me the importance of sharing knowledge and learning from others. That lesson stuck with me and became a cornerstone of our RLCS 1 team's success. I remember us huddled in a room after a tough loss, dissecting the game and sharing tips on how to improve. We took that knowledge to heart, and it helped us become champions. Don't be afraid to share your wisdom with your teammates – the best teams learn and grow together.

8. Have a blast and celebrate everything (even the losses)

Let me tell you something: Rocket League is a game, and games are meant to be a blast. Sure, I've shared some intense stories from our RLCS 1 journey, but we had a ton of fun along the way. I'll never forget our victory dance parties or our late-night pizza feasts after a tough loss. Winning is great, but what's even better is enjoying the ride and creating unforgettable memories with your team.

And there you have it, folks – the secret sauce for building a championship-winning team that's not only talented but also a joy to be a part of. Take these lessons to heart, and who knows, maybe you'll be the next RLCS superstar! And if you ever need a pep talk or some more of my hard-earned wisdom, you know where to find me. Good luck, have fun, and may your aerials always soar!

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