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07 SEPTEMBER 2021 Apex Legends

How Apex Legends boosting increases the value of your account

People that have been boosted before, or players that are familiar with boosting in general, are aware of the monetary costs of boosting. It takes a lot of time for a booster to rank up your account to the highest ranks of the Apex Legends ladder, therefore, the costs of the boosts can be fairly steep sometimes. That puts off a lot of people because some players would rather stay in Silver or Gold than pay someone to boost them into Platinum or Diamond. However, there are always two sides to every coin, and while boosting does cost a lot, it significantly increases the value of your account. In this article, we’ll take a look at all of the areas in which Apex legends boosting can increase the value of your account.

Your rank and how it impacts the value of your account

The first, and most obvious area, in which your account’s value will increase is the raw rank. It’s needless to point out that a Diamond account is worth much more than a Silver one, in more ways than one. 

The raw value

Monetary-wise, raw Diamond accounts demand a price tag of upwards of $100-$150. That alone refunds a decent portion of the boost you purchase, should you ever decide to sell your account, with Platinum accounts selling for around $60-$80 as well. This number astronomically rises if you happen to reach/get boosted into the Master or the Apex Predator rank. Overall, when you purchase a rank boost, you need to consider how much money you’ll get back by increasing the value of your account.

The moral/sentimental value

Additionally, apart from the financial side, the increase of your rank will significantly change how other people regard your account and you as a player overall. What we mean by that statement is that other people will value your account more and respect you more because you’re a player that’s highly ranked on Apex’s competitive ladder. Furthermore, you’ll get a lot more friend requests and people interested in communicating with you because of your shiny ranked badge.

Ranked rewards

Collectibles are something that never loses value but rather increases its value significantly as time passes. Digital collectibles work just like traditional ones, and every Apex Legends collectible you obtain will raise the value of your account as a result. At the end of each split, every player is awarded rewards that depend on the rank they’ve finished in, if they participated in playing ranked. Logically, the higher the rank is, the better the reward.

How boosting can increase the value of your cosmetics

That’s where the value of boosting comes into play. If your rank is higher, you’ll obtain awards that are more exclusive than the ones you’d usually get if your rank was low. 

Let’s take a look at all of the exclusive awards you’ll get:

  • Dive trail

  • Weapon charm

  • Ranked badge

All of these rewards are added to your inventory at the end of the ranked split and because of owning these cosmetics, the value of your account can significantly rise. Additionally, the price of some of these collectible cosmetics only increases over time as they become harder to obtain. 

Apex Legends trails

Special boosts

Last but not least, the factor that can determine the value of your account is the level and the number of kills on your account, as well as the badges you possess on your account. This is not connected to Apex Legends ranked boosting but mostly refers to advanced boosting sites that offer boosting in these specific areas.

Kills boost

Choosing a kills boost as a boosting option, or having a large number of kills in general increases the value of your account and can be used as a selling point once you choose to depart with your account. There is no way to determine the raw value of kills on your account, but players will definitely be more attracted to your account if it has a high kill count

Badge boost

This boost is specific to legends and certain milestones you have to achieve on them in order to unlock certain badges on your account. For example, one of the most prestigious badges available is the infamous “Master of All” badge, which requires you to win at least 10 times with 8 different legends. As you can probably assume, this is a fairly difficult task, but owning this badge and other badges that are just as exclusive will significantly raise the value and uniqueness of your account.

Account Level

Last but not least, your account’s level can be boosted which also increases the overall value and exclusiveness of your account. Unfortunately, there is no way to accurately evaluate how much levels impact the price of your account, but in general, accounts that have a higher level demand a higher price tag and sell faster as well.


In conclusion, there are more ways than one in which you can get your money back once you’ve spent it on an Apex Legends boosting service. If you take into account all of the features and upgrades you’re equipping your account with, boosting is more of an investment instead of a one-time purchase. Therefore, make sure to pay us a visit and get yourself the best deal for Apex Legends boosting.

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