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16 DECEMBER 2019 Rainbow Six Siege

The best Attacker Operator to Learn as a Beginner in R6

Following our articles about the path to improvement in R6, and the best defender operator to learn as a beginner (And you should really check them out), this will be our article for the best attacker operator to learn as a beginner to make sure you improve as much as possible in Rainbow Six Siege.

As we mentioned in the previous articles, this is a mere opinion of our professional boosters after hundreds of students, thousands of coaching hours, and so many boosted accounts, they are providing this information as it is coming based on insane experience at the game, specially their immense knowledge about beginners and below-average players. Anyways, the attacker we would recommend to beginners is going to be : 


The reason we recommend Sledge is because he’s a well rounded operator, he just makes sense, everything about his kit makes sense, his kit is the kind of kits that you don’t need to have insane amount of knowledge or experience to get the feeling of it and being useful on him for your team. 

If you take his gadget for example, he has a big hammer that puts holes, soft walls, floors and hatches. So if you are using it, it doesn't require much depth that it is pretty easy to understand.

His gadget will also indirectly teach you the importance of like a hop-on if you see a hash that's reinforced your hammer does nothing, so it is going to eventually register in your brain and memorize that this is the way you know that its hub Ana's niche, that's where she fits in to the team and her role.

If you take a look at his loadout it is extremely good, L85a2 is what we are going to recommend as a primary weapon, it is just better than most weapons in the game, recoil is not big, very easy to get used to, and very effective and powerful weapon.

He also has the SMG 11 available as a secondary, which we will also are going to highly recommend, you could consider the SMG 11 as the best full auto weapon in R6, its has an insane DPS that it ranks the highest. It's arguably the best weapon in the game for a lot of people, however, its small mag and the extremely high fire rate makes it a little bit harder to use, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to it on smoke which is another huge benefit of learning Sledge.

Mastering that SMG11 Sledge is going to introduce you to the beginning of vertical play, which is basically destroying the floor and that's important for the beginner players to start realizing the vertical aspect of this game, so many players don't try to do the vertical play early enough, and that is very important in this game, and again the reason we recommend an operator like Sledge is that he kind of open your eyes and teaches you how important the vertical play can be and get you used to exposing vertical angles very early on with your gameplay.

When it comes to the loadout we're going to recommend with Sledge the L85A2 to be the primary weapon with foregrip ACOG and flash hider, that gun does not have enough recoil to justify using a compensator, so use the perk of the flash hider.

When it comes to the secondary option, we recommend going the SMG 11 with compensator, and the sight of your choice. As far as the gadget, you always want the grenades 100% of the time.

So overall Sledge is a very well rounded operator who can Solo Queue very well, we know a lot of beginners when they're starting out are going to be Solo Queuing, Sledge can handle pretty much anything he runs into; other than reinforce walls and doesn't need a teammate to kind of open the way to him.

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