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01 DECEMBER 2019 Rainbow Six Siege

Best Defender Operators to Learn & Improve at Rainbow Six Siege

A question that boosters and professional players get asked a lot in Rainbow Six Siege is something along the lines of "Hey! I'm a beginner R6 player, what operators do you recommend?"

It's always tough giving a one size fits all advice like this specially in a kind of complicated game like Rainbow Six Siege; because of different players have different skill sets, and backgrounds, and different play styles.

So we decided to put together the top operators in our opinion that we would recommend. It will be 1 Defender Operator and 1 honorable mention for the defending department. It is recommended to buy and try those operators specially for starters and average-below average players. We will also leave some honorable mentions in case some of you don't like these 2 operators.


Rook is the defender we recommend everyone to have in Rainbow Six Siege, there's many different reasons why everyone should have, but the number one reason for that would be his gadget.

The fact that he has armor that you lay down at the beginning of the round, makes it sure that you are going to help your team no matter what. You just lay the armor down to your teammates, they pick it up and no matter what you do for the rest of the round.Even if you die in the first five seconds of the round you have still helped the team.

Another reason that we recommend Rook is it's going to allow you as a beginner to simplify the game and focus more importantly on the general gameplay and game sense instead of having to learn the complicated mechanics for another operator.

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Honorable Mention


This may surprise some of you but the reason we recommend Jäger is because anybody who's familiar with playing Call Of Duty or anybody who's familiar with playing Battlefield will be able to jump in with Jäger and feel comfortable on his gun, feel comfortable with the fact that he's a 3-speed and just play the game in a more similar way to how they played COD and Battlefield.

It's not necessarily a good thing, but the players who were playing this game for the first time, they're not used to playing the game like we recommend you play with Rook, and that is sitting on objective, holding angles, that's not how people are used to playing first-person shooters, and this is gameplay aspect is kind of unique to Rainbow Six Siege in a lot of ways.

So if a player that played those games jumped in Rainbow Six Siege and tried to play it like it is COD or BF, it is a big mistake, and we are not saying they should do that, but at least if they're going to do that, Jäger is the best operator to suit them. Just to make them feel comfortable at the beginning. 


Playing an easy operator like Rook, or a familiar operator like Jäger if you played specific FPS games before Rainbow Six will help you get the feeling of the game and understand the map rotations, playing around objectives and improve your whole game sense a lot faster than  picking up complicated operators.

This was it for our Defender Operator recommendation, stay tuned for our Attackers, and more guides and articles in Rainbow Six Siege soon!

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