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20 OCTOBER 2019 Rainbow Six Siege

Things to Consider before Playing Rainbow Six Siege

Before You Get Started, Watch Those Tutorials

There are three tutorial videos at the very start of Rainbow Six Siege. These tutorials are really crucial as they give you an overview of the game and they even give you the in-game currency called Renown. Each video gives 200 Renown that will help you in buying weapon attachments, in-game skins and new operators. After that, you should start up with entering the “Situations”. These situations are the PVE playground that will help you in learning about the basic controls, general gadget use and know-how of maps. As the maps are same for multiplayer gaming too so learning about the maps can help you in thinking about new tactics during missions. In all the situations, there are certain objectives that you have to complete and upon completing them, you will get awarded with bonus Renowns.

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Get Warmed Up Before You Get Blown Up

When you start to play Rainbow Six Siege in multiplayer, always try to warm up by playing in Terrorist Hunt. Terrorist Hunt is a PVE mode of game in which you have to fight against the AI enemies and not the other rivaling teams. This warm up helps you in practicing your aim on heat shot firing on moving and stationary objects. This is also a great way of earning the in-game currency (Renown) by completing the daily and weekly challenges.


Friends Don't Let Friends Get Spawn Peeked

There is nothing worse than getting killed at the very beginning of the mission due to the enemy peeking at your spawn area. To tackle this situation, you can place your drone at usual spawn peeking areas during the prep phase. In this way, if you can spot your enemy at that place then you can inform all of your teammates. You can form a plan with your teammates to attack them and clear the threat. 

When you start the mission, you can also shot some bullets into barricade doors and windows. This will result in eliminating the enemy that can be hiding behind the doors and windows. 

Look Below the Barricades

You can always look beneath the door before you breach it as it can expose your enemy (if any) that is hiding behind the door. You should also take a quick peek at the usual camping spots when you are entering a room or you can also shot in the usual camping spots so that you can get an advantage on other campers during fire fights.


The Sounds of Siege

In Rainbow Six Siege, everything makes sound so it is also a key feature to win against the enemy. This is a major difference between Rainbow Six Siege and other shooting games. You should pay very close attention to your surrounding sounds as they can help you in detecting whether an enemy is close-by or not. You can also judge by the sounds that the material that enemy is walking on or whether they are in crouching position or running. You should also know this that if you are able to hear them then they are also able to hear you so try to make as less noise as you can.

Sprint to Save a Second

There may come a time when you are in the middle of reloading your weapon and your enemy comes face-to-face with you with their weapon locked and loaded at you. You can get out of this situation by canceling the reload and sprinting to protect yourself as if you will not cancel the reload command then it will take some seconds which can cause you your life in the game. 

You've Got To Get Your Lean On

When you are leaning to look around the corners in Rainbow Six Siege, you can only expose a small part of your head which makes it very difficult for the enemy to aim at you. Even though the PC players have a great advantage at leaning but still, you have to learn to protect yourself no matter what platform you got!

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