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25 FEBRUARY 2020 Rocket League

Beginners Guide on Rocket League

If you are a newbie in Rocket League and are looking for some guides than you came to the right site. Here we will tell you about the smallest but the most important mistakes that the players do.
After explaining to you all the gamemodes in rocket league, it is time to share with you some more tips to ease your start into rocket league.

1.Take The Tutorial

.If you have skipped the tutorials for some reason than you must go through them as soon as possible. There are only two tutorials: basic and advanced, they help a lot more than you can think. They don’t take much time but they are extremely important and it is better to start over than to keep losing. Here is a link for Tutorial!


Practice as much as you can until you are satisfied with your skills. As you know, training is important, even the best players still do train just to keep getting better. It’s   better to train before jumping off to the game. If you don’t want to train as you think it is a waste of time, you can also watch Youtube videos that tell you exactly what to do and where to go. I specifically recommend this Youtube channel to you, check it’s links. It is known as “Wayprotein Custom Training Mastersheet”.

3.Learn to Rotate

When you play this game the first time, it is important to position your -self with the right angles. At first you may think that that all of the players are charging towards the ball directly, but as time goes by and you are getting familiar to the game than you will realize that they are not stupid enough to directly charge towards the ball all the time, but rather they are going in a pattern, ably called “rotating”. The goal should never be left unattended, especially when you are in a team. As a team, it it is must to have a proper rotation to enjoy the game with different views.
Here is a link for beginners guide!

4.Join Teams

It’s better to play in team rather lonely, because it not only makes the game much more fun and exciting, but you can also improve your skills by watching your teammates’ shots or by learning new moves or techniques through the common chat. It also lowers the chance of losing the game.

5.Use the Handbrake As Much As You Can

Handbrake is a tool that is as much important as the boost or jumping. It makes it easier for you to drift or move your car quickly and get into position. Some-times, if you are lucky enough or you had the right positioning, you can also do some unexpected scores. You should use it as much as you can and get a better hold of it through practice.


As you know “communication is the key”. Use it to your advantage. While you are in a team, you can convey your ideas to your teammates or have their opinions and make your own special strategies. This makes it easier for a team to work mutually and if you had a great plan, than you may even win with great remarks.

7.Don’t Chase The Ball

When you are playing, don’t directly go towards the ball with a plan. You should wait in a corner and observe other players and when you find the opportunity, you should kick. In this way you will not lose your energy and you can also charge your boost for later use.

These are all very helpful in many ways and could come in handy, especially, in the tough times.

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