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Best TFT items for boosting in set 4

Anyone that played League Of Legends, or any MOBA in the past, knows how important items are and how much they matter to the champion you’re controlling. In League, your Champion’s strength is mostly determined by the number of items that you have and how strong they make your Champion. That rule also applies to Teamfight Tactics, where items can have a massive influence on your units, how they behave in-game, their stats, and how powerful they are. Generally, if you’re a newbie, you’ll have no idea how these items function, so let’s introduce them quickly.

Difference between base items and combined items

There are two types of items, base items, and combined items. Base items are items you are rewarded throughout the game by killing AI opponents as well as participating in carousels. You can combine those items to create combined items, which are more powerful and provide unique benefits to your units. In the following article, we’ll take a look at some of the most powerful items, both base and combined, and how their usage can help you boost yourself out of low elo. Additionally, we’ll leave a small cheat sheet below so you can know which mixtures of base items result in which combined ones.

Spatula and Force of Nature

We kick things off with the most powerful item in the game which is the Spatula. The Spatula is incredibly rare and valuable as it combines with every other item in the game to create powerful item combinations. This item is a must-get in every situation and when you combine two Spatulas, you create Force of Nature which increases your team size by 1 unit, a stat which cannot be overlooked. Spatula combinations can change your unit’s classes as well as boost their stats, which makes this item an absolute must-have in every phase of the game.

Giant Slayer

Our second pick is an item that is a combination of two base items, those being a Recurve Bow and a B. F. Sword. Giant Slayer gains their stats which boost the unit’s attack speed as well as attack damage, but it also gains a unique passive effect that increases the damage of your unit’s basic attacks and spells by 20%. This is further increased to 80% if the opposing unit has over 1750 maximum health. This item is a great pickup for any Snipers, Blasters, or Blademasters that are looking to dish out tons of damage in a short period of time. While you’re working on a TFT boosting, if you see a team comprised of tanky bullies, be sure to equip your carries with a Giant Slayer to get rid of them quickly. 

Guardian Angel

Anyone who’s familiar with League knows very well what Guardian Angel does. Teamfight Tactics followed suit and gave GA the effect of unit revival. This item is built from a B. F. Sword and a Chain Vest, which increase attack damage and armor. The effect of GA is to revive a unit upon taking lethal damage, reviving it with 500 health. What makes this item so powerful is that it has the possibility to change an entire round, depending on if your carry dishes enough damage upon revival. It’s best to put this item on a leveled champion that you invested items into, as you’ll get the most value in that situation. 

Hand of Justice

Hand of Justice is a very unique item that has an RNG aspect to it. Firstly, it is built from Sparring Gloves and a Tear of the Goddess, increasing your unit’s crit chance and mana as a result. The item’s active, however, is that at the beginning of every round, the equipped unit either heals off of their abilities and basic attacks for 45% or deals 45% more damage for the course of that round. Generally, you prefer the damage buff even though the healing can be useful as well, as 45% increased damage on a carry is nothing to laugh at, especially if you’re playing against an inexperienced player who doesn’t know what the item does. Overall, a great choice for anyone who’s boosting looking to catch their enemies by surprise by putting this item on a carry and completely dominating the battlefield.


Talking about best items for TFT boosting cannot go without mentioning Morellonomicon, the bane of all healing champions in League of Legends, and all healing units in TFT. It is a mixture of a Needlessly Large Rod and a Giant’s Belt, which means your champion will get a boost in AP and health. The item also boosts your unit so its spells deal burn damage equal to 25% of the unit’s maximum health over 10 seconds as true damage. Additionally, the unit’s attacks apply Grievous Wounds, which means the unit heals itself and other allies for 50% less. This can be especially useful if you’re playing against champions such as Soraka, whose main purpose is to keep its allies alive by casting healing spells. While you’re boosting, don’t forget that this item exists and that it can win you games more often than not. 


The last item on our list is a combination of a Giant’s Belt and a Negatron Cloak, providing your unit with health and MR. Zephyr does not have to be put on a tank, however, as its active is very unique and increases the power of your team comp by sabotaging the enemy. More precisely, Zephyr removes an opposing unit from play for 5 seconds, creating a massive window of advantage that you can build upon. This item becomes extremely useful if you manage to banish the enemy carry, as you can win games in 5 seconds before the opposing carry gets the chance to respond. Overall, Zephyr can be a real godsend sometimes, especially if you’re dealing with teams that have one carry that is stacked up on items and levels. 

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