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Best team comps for boosting and climbing in TFT

With the announcement of Victorious Little Legends as well as other rewards for finishing in Gold+ in TFT, many players rushed to climb the ranks before the rewards got finally distributed. TFT, as well all know, is a game that’s partly luck-based and you need to bolster your chances of winning by choosing the most consistent strategies that will give you an advantage over your opponents. Every game of TFT has a lot of unpredictability, but if you’re rushing to get those ranks, you’ll need to be prepared with the best team comps for TFT boosting and climbing that will push your game to the next level. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of the best and most consistent boosting team comps that are played by some of the top TFT players in the world.

Cybernetic + Chrono

Astro + Sniper 

Star Guardian + Sorcerer

With the buffs to Riven in the previous patch, Cybernetics look to be at the forefront of the meta with their Chrono symbiosis. You can run either 3 or 6 Cybernetics, depending on the number of Chronos you want to play, as some team comps tend to be more Chrono heavy than the others. In general, you’ll be looking to get to your 6 Cybernetics as soon as possible, those being Ekko, Fiora, Vayne, Irelia, Vi, and Leona. You can pick Lucian as well, but he gets obsolete at a certain point in the game. Then, you need to pick your frontline of either Shen or Riven which both provide Blademaster and Chrono buffs as well as Caitlyn which is a Chrono sniper, fitting in this comp beautifully. Additionally, you can toss in Thresh as well as Wukong, as they both fit into the comp nicely, providing necessary buffs. Thresh gives you the much desired Mana Reaver buff while Wukong acts as another layer of frontline power. Last but not least, Galaxies provide a lot of advantages for Cybernetics as it seems that all of the Galaxies boost Cybernetics’ consistency and power level as they provide them with plenty of items. Overall, the Cybernetic + Chrono team comp is very consistent and gets the job done, which is the number #1 thing you should look at when picking your optimal boosting team comp.

Moving on, we’ll talk about a consistent mainstay in the meta for a while now, that being the Astro Sniper team comp. The Astro Sniper team comp is basically unparalleled in its power level by any other team comp out there, with the only downside being the hefty cost. Most of their units are 4 cost units that take time to bring out and level up, but once you do it the game is practically over. If you’re boosting a low elo account, you’ll undoubtedly have more time to get this team comp online, meaning you’ll eventually curb stomp your opponents once you’ve completed your goal. While this build is not as consistent as Cybernetics, its power ceiling is much higher which makes it a good pick for anyone looking to get out of low elo.

Let’s talk about Rebels, which are, just like Astro Snipers, a strategy that’s been dominant in the game for a while. When it comes to Rebels, you’re mostly relying on Jinx as your primary carry and you’re trying to get to your 6 Rebel power spike as soon as possible. In some games, you can also rely on Gangplank as your secondary late-game carry as he provides a lot of damage if you level him up and equip him with appropriate items. Generally, Rebels are a great choice since they’re fairly consistent and powerful in every stage of the game. Early on, Ziggs, Malphite, and Rumble provide consistent damage while you build up Jinx and Gangplank as your late game hyper carries. The 6 Rebel buff also provides a nice layer of protection in every stage of the game.

Our next entry comes as no surprise to anyone that’s playing TFT competitively for a while, as Star Guardian Sorcerers are an absolute meta menace for a while now. Statistically speaking, Star Guardian Sorcerers earn more top 4 spots than almost any other team comp in the game, which just proves how consistent and powerful the strategy is. This comp strives in long extended fights as Neeko dishes out CC and tanks damage in front while Janna and Soraka disrupt the opposing team and heal your own, extending the round as a result. This ties in perfectly with Syndra, as Syndra works best when she gets enough time to power up her sphere balls. If she survives long enough, she’ll just start one-shotting everything on the map. Overall, Star Guardian Sorcerers are possibly the best boosting team comp you can go for, as they’re incredibly consistent and powerful enough to overwhelm any enemy they face.

Our last entry on this list is probably the least favorable and consistent one out of the 5 but redeems itself because of how fun it is to play. The heavily nerfed Mech strategy can still win games because of how well it synergizes with other team comps. In most instances, Mech Pilot players will look to have Viktor as their main backline carry as well as the most consistent damage dealer. You can either mix Mech with Infiltrators (usually Shaco or Ekko) or Demolitionists (Gangplank, Ziggs). Some people also experimented with combining Mechs and Mystics, as Mystics provide the much necessary magic resistance. Overall, Mechs are a fun late-game oriented team comp that has a place in boosting and low elo games due to the sheer inexperience of your opponents that will give you enough time to build your team comp fully, much like Astro Snipers. As always, if the boost goes south and you have a problem ranking up your account, we offer the cheapest TFT boosting services on our website.

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