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11 JUNE 2021 TFT

Top 5 TFT teamcomps for set 5 (2021)

As the year progresses, the end of the TFT set 5 season slowly nears and everyone is looking to climb up in order to get the prestigious Victorious Protector. The Teamfight Tactics meta in this set is as interesting as ever and there are numerous team comps that are both competitive and fun to play. However, we’ve narrowed down our choice to the top 5 best and most consistent team comps in TFT that will help you climb the ranked ladder in patch Set 5. If you don't want to be bothered with all the climbing or learn while climbing you can opt in for one of our TFT Boosting options.

Invoker Hellion 

We kick off our list with one of the most popular and successful team comps from the early days of set 5, Hellion. This strategy is an absolute blast to play and has a very high late-game power ceiling if you prefer slow-paced gameplay, revolving around Teemo and Heimerdinger’s late-game potency mixed with powerful Invoker units. 

In the early game, your initial goal is to reach 3 Hellion units as soon as possible, while slowly investing in your Ziggs and Kennen. As far as items go, you should aim to build Statikk Stiletto on Ziggs and Mor-evil-lonomicon on Kennen. After you’ve slowly settled in the game and acquired 3 Hellions, you should look to mix them up with Spellweavers, Cavaliers, or Knights. Spellweavers are usually the go-to option, as Brand provides a lot of damage in the early game which is useful if you didn’t attain the items you were going for, with Zyra and Viktor being the two best alternatives.

When the mid game kicks off, at Stage 3, you should have 5 Hellions on your board one way or another. Rolling for the Hellions you’re missing at this point is not a bad option since you’ll get steamrolled at Stage 4 if you don’t have your team set up at that point. In case all goes wrong, adding more Spellwavers/Cavaliers/Knights is a good band-aid solution and they can do the job temporarily until you acquire the units you need.

As you approach the late game, the true strengths of this comp surface. At this point, getting a Teemo is absolutely mandatory and you should also look for an Ivern to get the Invoker buff. As the game progresses further, you should prioritize getting a Heimerdinger and replacing the older low-cost units from your team. Additionally, you should put a defensive item like Fallen Guardian Angel on your Kennen, giving him an additional charge of his ult in a fight. Last but not least, as you approach the deep late game, you should add more Invoker units to your board, depending on the game state, with Mystic units being a solid alternative.

Dragonslayer Nightbringer / Hasagi

Our next spot is taken by the Dragonslayer Nightbringer team comp, a strategy that revolves around buffing and leveling Yasuo as the primary carry of the team. For that reason, this team comp is often referred to as the “Hasagi” strategy. 

In the early game, your main priority is to get a couple of Skirmisher units on board that will ensure you enter a win streak and a favorable game state. Alternatively, if you’re having poor luck with the units you’re getting, you can go for a loss streak method that will give you carousel priority. This build only uses the Skirmishers up until a certain stage in the game where you can get to your Nightbringer and Dragonslayer units.

Once you’ve reached the mid game, a solid strategy is to build a 6 Skirmisher board to get you through Stage 3 while maintaining a solid win ratio. Once you reach the latter stages of Stage 3, you’ll be able to break away from the pure Skirmisher strategy by slowly buying the Dragonslayer and Nightbringer units and switching up the strategy. You should try to level up the 3 cost units you buy whenever possible as they’ll be your main source of damage in the late game. Except for the stability that the Skirmisher units provide in the early-mid game, by switching up your team comp in the middle of the game you’re going to get a strategic advantage over your opponents.

When the late game kicks off, you’ll be looking to complete your 4 Dragonslayer / 4 Nightbringer composition, by adding Aphelios, Diana, Mordekaiser, and Pantheon to the mix. At that point of the game, the strategy should do all of the work itself, with Yasuo being the main damage source. You can achieve that by equipping him with the right items which are: Runaan’s, RFC, and the Jeweled Gauntlet. Alternatively, you can go for the 6 Nightbringer / 2 Dragonslayer composition, depending on your preference, with Yasuo remaining the main unit you should invest in. 

Coven/Forgotten Assasins

Even though Assasins suffered quite a big nerf to their main carries, they still remain one of the most consistent and powerful meta strategies moving forward. The goal of the strategy is to power up your Katarina as late game hyper carry while maintaining solid control over the game in the early-mid game.

In the early game, your main goal is to survive and obtain the items you’ll need later on to put on your carries. Early on, it’s best to start with 3 Forgotten or 3 Redeemed units because of the low cost and stability they provide on the board. Slowly, but surely, you’ll transition into more of an Assasin strategy as you move on to Stage 3 and 4.

As you approach the mid game, you should be looking to level up your Katarina as soon as possible. At Stage 3, you should be looking to have a 3 Forgotten paired up with 3 Assasins. You could potentially replace the Forgotten units with the Redeemed units as well. Your mid game is fairly strong as you’re going to have a lot of 2 Star units because of the low cost of Forgotten units as well as leveling up your LeBlanc, Kha’Zix, and Katarina. Moving forward, you can either put 6 Forgotten/2 Assasin or save up gold and patiently wait for more Assasin units and items that suit them. Investing in Morgana and Lissandra is also a good idea as they provide the Coven buff you’ll need later on.

In the late game, you’ll have to decide on which route you want to take your team in moving forward. If you’re doing well enough with the Forgotten units, you could play a pure Forgotten team comp mixed with a couple of Assasins you’ve previously invested in. Otherwise, you’ll want to sell the Forgotten units and start rolling to create a pure Assasin comp focused on putting 4/6 Assasins on the board mixed with Lissandra and Morgana. Adding strong late game 5 cost units such as Teemo and Heimer is also a good idea. Nevertheless, at that point, the 3 Star Katarina you’ve built will do all of the work if you’ve equipped her with the right items which are the Guardian Angel, Infinity Edge, and the Blue Buff. 

Draven hypercarry 

Moving on, we’ll talk about possibly the most flexible strategy that you can play which revolves around building up your Draven as the main damage dealer. The main advantage of this build is that the only units you really need are Draven, Ryze, and Mordekaiser, which means that you can make a lot of variations of this team comp, depending on the game state you’re in.

In the early game, you’ll generally pick any decent early game strategy and slowly transition into your original build later on. The most stable and consistent early game opener is revolved around Kalista as the main carry with Legionnaires to protect her, as well as Varus with frontline Redeemed units. Generally, your early game focus should be on picking up some core items for Draven later on which are Brawler’s Glove, Giant’s Belt, B.F. Sword and Recurve Bow.

Your mid game setup will highly depend on what your opponents are playing. This strategy generally has a very high skill cap as you’ll be playing a different team every game, depending on your opposition. You should be always looking out for other players’ strategies and items, and adjust your build accordingly. In Stage 3 and early 4, you’re still essentially playing different strategies until you reach the pivotal late game, with 6 Skirmishers or Rangers with any solid frontline being notably good options. 

In the latter stages of the game, your patience will pay off and this comp really starts to shine. As this team revolves around 4 cost items, you can roll when you hit Stage 4 or level up to level 8, depending on your preference. By this point, you should already have Draven and Mordekaiser and you should actively look to level them up. Around this time you should be aware of what the other players are playing and which units you’ll include in your team depending on that information. Going for Mystic units with Ryze as the main peeling option is the most popular variant of the build as he provides a lot of peel against Assasins and other dive-heavy builds. Last but not least, the items you’ll want to equip Draven to deal the maximum damage with are the Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, Runaans, and Last Whisper.

Cavalier Spellweavers

The last strategy we’ll be talking about revolves around the main carry Vel’Koz zapping your opponents into oblivion. Spellweavers, spearheaded by our favorite squid, are seeing success mixed with a couple of frontline strategies, with the most popular build being the Cavalier Spellweavers which is the one we’ll talk about.

When the game begins, your main goal is to secure your low-cost Spellweavers Brand and Ziggs. As you’ll be playing Ziggs, the classic opener for this build is to include a couple of Hellions in the early game as their low cost provides decent stability. You can include Poppy and Kled in your early game plans and you’ll have a strong early game provided you have Ziggs on board as well.

Your mid-game transition is crucial as you’ll be looking to transform your team into a Cavalier Spellweaver build. Apart from the Kled which you already have, you should be looking to pick up Sejuani, Hecarim, and Rell, with the heavy emphasis being on Rell as she perfectly synergizes with our main carry Vel’koz. Speaking of Vel’koz, at this point, you should be actively rolling and looking for him as your late game success will highly depend on how strong your squid is.

Your late game goal is to have 4 Spellweavers packed with a strong, tanky frontline to protect them. In order to synergize with your Vel’Koz properly, you should have a frontline of units such as Rell/Garen/Nunu or anything that generally works well with your casters or is singlehandedly strong. You can also stick with a pure 4 Cavalier/ 4 Spellwaver variant of the build and build upon the comp you’ve created in the mid game if you’re doing well, but generally, you’ll want to pick up more high cost units since Cavaliers don’t scale that well. Additionally, you can also make Brand your primary carry of the team by leveling him up in early-mid game and equipping him with some items. If you’re sticking with the primary plan by making Vel’Koz your primary carry, equip him with a Spear of Shojin, Hextech Gunblade, and Jeweled Gauntlet.

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