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27 AUGUST 2020 Valorant

Best Agents for Boosting in Valorant


When boosting in Valorant every small thing matters, your internet connection stability, your attitude, your ability to appear offline to not get bothered by randoms, etc. One of the many things that has noticeable amount of impact on your boosting is choosing the right agent, which we will be covering how to do in this blog.

Which agents are the best for boosting in Valorant is a bit of a tricky and subjective subject, but I’ll try an accurate and comprehensive tier list of agents. We’re going to be setting certain criteria as to what makes an agent good for boosting and which agents possess these qualities and which don’t. Keep in mind this list isn’t a list of the strongest Valorant agents, just the ones which make it the easiest to boost with so don’t worry if your favorite agent isn’t at the top. Many different things impact what makes an agent good for boosting, but the primary thing to take into consideration is the agent abilities as that is the main difference between agents. We’ll take a look into what agents have the best and most loaded kits for potential solo Aces against the enemy team and solo carry performances. We’ll rate these agents from worst to best and take everything into consideration when rating these agents.

D tier agents

Let’s start with the worst agents for solo boosting in Valorant. These agents are Sova and Jett. In general, these are probably not the strongest of agents anyways, but they are by far the worst agents for boosting in Valorant. Let’s dig into this and explain exactly why these Agents aren’t effective in boosting. Sova is an infiltrator type of agent and his basic mechanics revolve around zone control and vision. His q is a simple shock bolt that he charges up to 2 bounces and it deals moderate AOE (area of effect) damage. His C ability is a drone that he releases to scout the area up ahead, the main problem being while this ability is extremely useful it requires an organized team where someone will be protecting you while you are immobilized and this is not ideal for boosting. His E ability shoots an arrow out that reveals a particular area, this also requires team organization for any super high utility. His ultimate is perhaps his best solo carry ability, Sova pulls out a special quiver loaded with 3 arrows that you can shoot through walls that deal moderately high damage. All in all this kit is not ideal for solo carrying it requires a lot of teamwork and certain aspects leave the agent very vulnerable.  Jett is all flashy and stylish plays and also no practicality whatsoever. Jett is a champion who has a passive to glide after jumping by holding the space key, just this passive is more of a nuisance than a perk, while gliding you are extremely slow and it’s very easy to pick you off. Her Q and her E are just different variations of a dash that offers really nothing much. Her C cloudburst is the weakest smoke in the game and is very underwhelming and finally her ultimate ability Bladestorm is extremely underwhelming as well, it doesn’t do very high damage and is generally only good for eco rounds.

C tier agents

We’re moving up on the list, whilst these agents still aren’t ideal for boosting they definitely offer more potential than the ones previously mentioned. The D tier agents are as follows: Brimstone and Cypher. Brimstone doesn’t have a lot going for him, he has some outplay potential but his kit is mostly ineffective in clutch situations. His stim beacon doesn’t increase fire rate significantly, his q is just a basic molly. His E is the only interesting ability in his kit and the only one that offers any outplay potential, he can drop 3 smokes on the map and use them to outmaneuver his opponents. His ultimate ability is basically a sky strike in an area that kills anyone inside, but unless you’re zoned off or block off in a passage you most likely won’t die to it as it is easy to dodge. Cypher has an interesting kit that offers a lot of utility while being very potent it isn’t the ideal kit for boosting. He mostly uses traps and cameras to gain information, together with his ultimate which reveals all opponents.

B tier agents

The two agents that we will mention here are probably some of the strongest agents in a team environment, but not the most effective boosting agents. These agents are Breach and Killjoy.

Killjoy is the newest Valorant agent and although her kit offers a ridiculous amount of utility it lacks certain aspects that give an agent solo carry potential. Using a mix of turrets and traps Killjoy has a high utility kit that can completely zone out certain areas of the map, but it’s her ultimate Lockdown that makes her ridiculously strong. Lockdown is a very strong ultimate, Killjoy places an orb on the ground that detonates after 13 seconds in a very large area, enemy agents caught in this field can’t shoot or use their abilities for 8 seconds. Breach probably has the most loaded kit utility and map control -wise. He has 2 different stun grenades and 1 explosive grenade that can go through walls, his ultimate can stun enemies for 5 seconds in a huge area, almost the size of an entire site. While these agents are astoundingly powerful in an organized team environment, if you find yourself with lackluster teammates you probably won’t have a fun game.

A tier agents

These agents are some of the best for boosting, be it for their sustain and survivability, to their map control and vision denial, or just their raw damage and outplay potential. These agents are Omen, Raze, and Viper. Omen is probably one of the most fun agents to play and has one of the highest outplay potentials in the game. His kit has a mix of vision denial and teleportation that makes him so fun to play and so potent in clutch situations. Raze is very simply said just raw damage, all of her abilities deal AOE damage and if used properly can wipe an entire team in mere seconds. Her mix of grenades, satchels, boombots, and of course rocket launcher makes her a serious threat in the hands of a good player. Viper is quite a unique pick that offers a lot of 1 vs 5 potential and huge amounts of vision denial. She uses a mix of vision denial abilities mixed with her decay to outmaneuver and one-shot opponents. Her ultimate creates a huge area where all agents lose health to decay except for her, and she has superior vision in this poison cloud. This makes her very potent in 1 vs 5.

S tier agents

These agents are the best three agents for boosting in Valorant, they simply have an edge over every other agent in the game. While they all have some sort of vision control or area control, this is not the thing that separates them as best agents for boosting. Their true power hides in their sustain and survivability. All these agents have an ability that they can use to heal themselves. Sage is the first one and she packs a punch. She has a wall to zone off areas or boost her teammates, and her slow orb can completely stop a push. She can heal herself or her teammates with her E ability and not to mention that she can revive an ally with her ultimate. Phoenix can heal himself with 2 different abilities, he has a perfect combo of vision denial and healing plus a small amount of damage. His ultimate can also bring him back to life after he takes lethal damage once. Last but not least, Reyna, Reyna can use her abilities to 1 vs 5 like no agent in the game. She has the potential to overheal herself every time she kills an opponent up to 4 times. She can steal your vision or become invisible, not to mention her ultimate which drastically increases her fire rate. 

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