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10 AUGUST 2020 Valorant

7 Things to consider before choosing a valorant boosting website


Over the years, valorant boosting became a common trend in almost every multiplayer game that has a ranked matchmaking system. Players that don't have enough time or don't want to put in the effort to climb the ranks themselves tend to pay boosters to increase their in-game ranking. On the other hand, the top-rated players on the ladder often decide to start boosting as it provides them with a decent source of income while other players invest in boosting sites that act as platforms connecting boosters and customers. In the last 5-10 years, we've seen a massive increase in the popularity of these boosting sites, with dozens if not hundreds of them attracting customers on a daily basis. These websites provide their users with various legitimate boosting posibilities, with some of them creating formidable legacies as the years passed by. That being said, if you're looking to get boosted youself, it may be difficult to decide which boosting site is the best pick. That's why, in the following article, we'll talk about 7 things you should look out for before trusting someone with your account information and your money

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1 Website's accomplishments

We'll kick things off with the first thing that you'll notice once you enter one of these websites and that is the site's history and achievements. Generally speaking, almost every front page contains basic information such as the number of satisfied customers, years of active service, the number of successful boosts, as well as the number of active boosters. When you're picking a boosting website for yourself, it's highly preferable to choose a website that has a high number of completed boosts as well as a plethora of happy clients. Sites that don't have this information openly disclosed are best to stay away from, as they're often newly-formed sites with poor management. People lie, but the numbers don't, and that perfectly applies when you're picking the best boosting website for yourself.

2- Speedy delivery

This one will be short and sweet and we'll cut to the point immediately. Absolutely no one is looking to wait for a month to get boosted. If you're already trusting someone with your money and account information, you're expecting your in-game rank to increase in a matter of days. Some sites have the option to pay  an additional percentage of the boost's price tag to be prioritized over other orders, which is certainly a nice touch. In general, if you're having doubts, it's best to ask the site's customer support about how long it will take for the site's booster to boost your account. Consequently, if you're not happy with the answer, try a different website that will give you your money's worth.

3- Skilled boosters that you can communicate with

It's impossible to stress how important this point is. The worst thing that can happen to you as a client is to pay the website and receive silent treatment for days. On the other hand, it's extremely frustrating if the booster whose job is to get you to a higher rank somehow end up losing games and setting you back further. That's why you have to look for a website whose boosters are both skilled and communicative at all times. All in all, you must choose a website that discloses that their boosters will actively chat with you and talk about their progress through Discord or a similar platform

4- Secure payments

For some, this may be the most important factor when picking the right boosting website, and it's completely understandable. The last thing you want to happen is for your money to get stolen by a fishy website whose transactions are untraceable. That's why looking for websites that encourage PayPal payment is a great idea, as PayPal is the most secure way to pay for services online. Additionally, websites that offer Bitcoin, Skrill, or Amazon payments are a great shout as they're less likely to try and scam you for your credit card information. Overall, if you're having any doubts or concerns regarding the safety of your payments, it's best to pick a different, more trustworthy boosting website. 

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5- Account security 

Moving on, we'll talk about another crucial factor when it comes to picking the right website, and that's account safety. Usually, players that order boosts have new accounts that aren't worth a lot. However, in some instances, people that get boosted have accounts that are extremely valuable because of the cosmetic upgrades that are unlocked. If you're one of those players that have an expensive account worth stealing, make sure that the website you're trusting your information is 100% reliable and honest. That is extremely important if you're using a similar E-mail/password on multiple online accounts. Furthermore, it's vital to be boosted by a website that ensures your account won't be banned for sharing account information and playing on multiple devices, as boosting often breaks the ToS of many games. Websites whose boosters change VPN's or play in offline mode should be prioritized as they ensure your account will not get banned in the middle of a boosting process. 

6- Positive feedback

As we slowly approach the end of our list, we encounter a very important factor that is feedback. There is no better way to determine whether a website is trustworthy and legitimate than to read past experiences of satisfied clients. Generally, any quality website will have a list of reviews disclosed on their frontpage, along with comments from their customers. If the majority of those reviews are positive, then you're most likely looking at a decent website worth trusting

7- Active customer support

We'll close off our list with a factor that impacts nearly everything we've previously mentioned, and that's customer support. Objectively, any website that doesn't have an active customer support team/live chat should be instantly avoided as they aren't likely to help you resolve any issues you have with the service. The biggest advantage of active customer support is that it helps deal with any problem that occurs, whether it's a simple misunderstanding or a privacy breach. It may seem like a harsh thing to say, but never pick a boosting website without customer support

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