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27 JUNE 2020 Valorant

Valorant Tips and Tricks!

Taking a quick look into why Valorant is the biggest hit on the video game market right now is the first step towards success you could do. This game has been hyped up, and in the process of being made, adjusted, and overall, upgraded for the past few years. Games like Valorant don’t just pop out of companies like Riot Games once a year, and everything about it is perfect; the amount of time, effort, and player feedback Riot had to gain in order to better persuade players to play this game, and fully enjoy it was immense. 

The countless hours that developers had to spend customizing the maps, and making sure that all of the tiny imperfections were perfected by the time the game came out was insane. The layout, the format, everything about the game was calculated to a tee. If it wasn’t for the developers, and influencers that are on Riot’s good side, we quite possibly wouldn’t have the same game that we have today. 

With all of that being said; the subject of discussion for the day is going to be quick, simple tips and tricks on how to boost your own performance on Valorant, and how you could quite possibly become the next big thing ( whether that’s on Twitch, or a valorant boosting website is up to you, and how much you have improved after all of these tips and tricks ).

The best way you can check make sure you are consistently improving is by tracking your valorant match history.

First off: if you’re looking to start off light, but make a decent impact, using the economy that you’re automatically assigned, ONLY buy Ghost and abilities, but if you don’t want to do that, purchase light armor and the abilities that you need. If you’re feeling defensive in your playstyle, put more of a priority on the armor aspect, rather than the abilities, and vice versa. 

Outside of the early rounds of the game, you can easily use that tip to snowball yourself forward with the help of your teammates, along with your playstyle. If you’re aggressive in your playstyle, then you’ll always be looking for the next big play, and the next opportunity to catch somebody out, and capitalize on that. It’s not much to apply what was stated above, you should also put a heavy priority on voice comms; they put it in for a reason, so use it. Obviously, this comes in hand with a sense of maturity, don’t use voice comms if you’re going to berate your teammates, and make nasty comments to them. 

Eco rounding: a term that not many will be familiar with, and will become victims to the players who are more knowledgeable in comparison. An eco round is when your team doesn’t have enough cash to do a full buy ( 3 or more players is what qualifies for an eco round ); and you’re stuck with three options. Don’t buy anything, you may lose that round, but you’ve saved up a little bit of money to benefit your team in the long run. 

A half buy: get armor, and MAYBE a weapon, with a little leftover for the round after the current one. 

Or the last option, Force buying: Buy as much as possible, and with that, you accept that you will not have enough credits for next round's buy phase. 

All of which are valid, and arguably the best course of action to take when you’re behind on credits, or you simply don’t want to buy anything, and wait until the next round to purchase something that could better suit you, or your team.

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