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27 JUNE 2020 Valorant

Valorants Impact on Boosting, and eSports.

To say that Valorant isn’t big, and won’t be the biggest tactical shooter, let alone, televised game of 2020, and years after that is ignorant, building off of the beta views that big name streamers televised on Twitch, and basing the current release of Valorant and its peak viewers, along with the watched hours - it’s safe to say that the people who follow Riot Games have been waiting for this opportunity to show interest in a new game, besides League of Legends ( Valorants predecessor )

Big names in the professional eSports scene, and smaller organizations alike want to see the game prosper, and have been actively looking for ways to do so. One of the more successful, and exposure-based ways that these organizations, and companies have found has been social media outreach, and tournaments. Reaching out to fans, and consistently keeping their fans up to date on the latest news has shown to be the most effective, and authentic forms of communication one could have, company-wise. Tournaments, on the other hand, could be seen more on a competitive, 5v5, voice comm focused, and interactive forms of play. Not limiting the minimum rank of players to enter your competitions / tournaments is the best way to get your fans to be even more interactive than what they already are. 

Publicly advertising the players that are on your team, and posting their accomplishments to their social media accounts can be taken extremely well, especially from an advertising perspective. To have T1 Food’s fathering company T1 post about his accomplishments, such as him hitting Rank 1 in Valorant ( Radiant, for those who are unfamiliar; not only boosts the morale of Food, because the team he’s under has acknowledges his accomplishments, but also puts more emphasis on Food as a player, causing more people to know his name due to him being the first person to hit Rank 1 in the live server.  Less skilled players that are around Immortal - Radiant level that are unable to compete professionally usually head to boosting to make some money from their skill in valorant.

To start at the lowest rank available in Valorant, to climb to the top of the leaderboards; Food has had to have had his fair share of  valorant boosting, win trading, or griefers in his games. To go as far as to say he deserved it, is more than just ignorance. Those who deny boosters their legitimacy are willfully choosing not to acknowledge how skillful they have to be in order to do the most basic of actions on a day-to-day basis. Proving time and time again that they deserve to be contracted to whatever organization, website, etc., that they’re hired under. 

If you, or somebody you know is looking to improve themselves, or elevate their level of play,  one of the most simple things you, or they could do is redirect them to us, and look at all of our articles, and what we have to offer. You don’t have to limit yourself to getting boosted, if getting caught is one of your worries, we always have other alternatives. Coaching, mentoring, duo queuing, etc., are all valid options that are readily available for you!

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