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26 JUNE 2020 Valorant

Valorants First “Radiant” Player

In more recent news, with the introduction of Ranked play in Valorant, thousands upon thousands of people have been trying to grind out games, and prove themselves worthy of hitting the self-titled rank “Radiant.” Being the highest of the high, hitting the self-titled rank will show you the amount of time, dedication, and pure skill it takes in order to be proficient in professional play / higher MMR. 

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Coming all the way from the bottom of the bottom, to the top of the top, the “Valorant” title has officially been hit. Of course with the title adjustment,  the first of the first has been hit not too long ago. T1 Food. T1 Food has hit Radiant. Versing Team Solo Mid rosters almost every hour of the day, T1 Food livestreamed the whole course of him hitting Radiant. ( as shown here)

T1 Food has taken the Valorant live streaming, and professional scene by storm, for obvious reasons. To be the first person to hit this high of a rank, with how long the game has been out, is a feat in and of itself, but to do it whilst live streaming and on full voice-comms. This guy is simply the best ( for now. ) If Food wasn’t already currently on a professional team, the amount of offers this one person could be getting is insane, but for him to be on a professional team already, he’s just making the company, and the team he’s signed under the most proud that they could be. 

To hire somebody under your team name, or your company name, you would want them to represent what your company, or what your team wants to represent, and Food has done. The first ever person to hit Radiant in Valorant, after hours upon hours of live streaming, he did it.  Well over 3 million players on the live servers of Valorant, and out of everybody else competing, he hit it first. To say that this is an achievement, would not do him justice.


 What has been widely known as the most successful, and recognizable team that’s located in Korea, T1, was one of the first ever organizations to enter the Valorant eSports scene, on top of that, they have also been hosting the first ever official Valorant Ignition Series tournament in North America. T1’s roster so far, is most notably, and well reputably, the best in the world.
Brax”, “AZK”, “crashies”, “Food”, and of course “Skadoodle” ( all of their names being their in game gamer tags / social media tags of course. ) 

Ranked hasn’t been out for that long, and to know that Food spent roughly 18 hours in a row grinding for it, and he HIT it the same day he set out to hit it, is an impressive feat on its own. 

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