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24 AUGUST 2020 Valorant

Can you get banned for boosting in Valorant?


Let’s talk about boosting in Valorant and any potential risks of account loss you might encounter when purchasing a boosting service. While boosting in video games is very common, to the point that some people might assume it is allowed, it definitely is a bannable offense in most online games. We will also discuss what exactly is bannable about boosting, how common bans are, and how to avoid them. While this might be slightly ominous for now, the likelihood of you getting banned for boosting is extremely low, let’s talk about why that is and how to avoid it even further.

Why is boosting bannable?

Because we are specifically focusing on Valorant in this article we will also only focus on Riot Games and their terms of services for relevance. In Riot’s TOS you officially can get banned while boosting, but not for the action of boosting in itself, but for the crime of account sharing that you are committing while a booster is playing on your account. The truth is that they would also gladly ban any booster if they could, more on this later. The general opinion of boosting in Riot is that it is unfair and disruptive. They do tend to ignore that their own matchmaking is generally the reason that people consider purchasing a boosting service in the first place. AFKs, trolls, and more problems in the system of Riot’s matchmaking often push frustrated players to find other solutions to climb the ladder. Boosters are a common service at this point because it’s affordable and practical. Riot considers boosting disruptive and unbalanced because it means that lower elo players have a chance to play against far more skilled opponents, but this isn’t as relevant as they portray it to be. The argument that it ruins low elo games is quite biased considering numerous factors that have to be taken into account. For starter’s boosters are as likely to carry your game as they are to ruin it. The argument that it makes matchmaking unbalanced is ridiculous as a player will only encounter the same booster once, booster climb through ranks way too fast to actually disrupt anybody’s climb. The likelihood of you getting a booster on your team is the same as the likelihood of getting him on the opposing team therefore it hardly has any relevance. Boosting through low elo is very cheap because it’s a simple task for a booster because they out skill the opponents so severely, that also means a booster doesn’t spend a long time in low elo “disrupting games.” By the time a booster has reached the point where they have to play more games to win, it indicates that they have come across a player nearer to their skill level therefore it takes a bit more time to climb. That also implicates that these players are not really getting disrupted by the booster, while the boosters can still do an effective job.

Riot’s ban history

Riot doesn’t really have an extensive ban history. They generally only ban high profile players, professional players, staff, and famous streamers. Even then they will more likely ban their popular streamers and players for toxic behavior or some sort of inappropriate comment or action. The most famous bans by Riot are probably the IWillDominate and tyler1 bans for toxicity, while many people forget the only 2 bans Riot ever dealt for boosting in-game. The first of these bans is the ban of the pro player Yu "XiaoWeiXiao" Xian, he was suspended from competitive play for boosting an account while playing for the North American organization Team Impulse. This second is probably the more famous one and it is the ban of famous LoL player Dopa, who got a 1000 year ban from competitive play for boosting an account in ranked. This ban was more of a statement in the early beginnings of LoL to try and distance themselves from the ideals of boosting. But today Riot honestly doesn’t care if you boost accounts or not unless you’re a high profile player and only if you get caught doing it. The average player getting boosted is completely out of their scope interest and they don’t really pay any attention to it.

The importance of quality boosters

 While the risk of getting banned for boosting is almost nonexistent already finding a reliable and quality boosting site is vital. Good boosting sites will always offer a strong VPN and secure connection that can’t be traced back to your IP address. Riot doesn’t usually care about booster especially lower elo ones, but on the off chance that you get flagged for some reason, it’s important to know that your booster has your back with a secure VPN. Additionally, really good boosters will play in offline mode for an additional price, this way it’s even harder to track you while being boosted and subsequently none of your friends will know you're being boosted either. Another really important factor is that good boosting sites will offer to play specific champions that you request in order to further remove any doubt that it’s you playing on the account. This will however cost an additional fee but it’s well worth it if you fear that your account could potentially get banned. This is why it is vital to hire a booster with a good reputation for account safety and make sure they are reliable like this website.


To wrap things up, it’s important to note that while there isn’t a high risk of getting your account suspended or banned for boosting staying safe and not having to worry is probably the easiest option. Riot generally does not care if you’re paying for your account to be boosted as it doesn’t really impact them directly, the only cases where they care are high profile one. The reasoning behind this is that if popular online personalities who are tied to Riot and LoL condone boosting then It promotes a bad company image, so unless you’re a famous streamer you’re probably safe. Nevertheless paying a bit more for a quality booster to the job right and risk-free is probably the best move when considering buying a boost.

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