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10 JANUARY 2023 Valorant

Valorant boosting world record (Iron - Radiant in 72 hours)

Whether you’re a bronze or a Radiant player, you’ve very likely encountered boosters and smurfs while playing ranked in the past. They’re those top frag players with 40 kills that end up singlehandedly carrying the game and the outcome of those games is often based on which team gets matched with that player. All in all, it’s extremely frustrating to play against those players, but at the same time you consider yourself very fortunate when they carry your games. However, today, we’ll be talking about one of the wildest attempts at boosting a Valorant account that resulted in achieving a world record.

What is Valorant boosting?

Before we jump into the conversation of breaking the world record, let’s talk about Valorant boosting in general and what it means to boost an account. 

In Valorant and many other multiplayer games, boosting refers to a high elo player playing on a lower-ranked account and rapidly increasing its rank because of the massive skill difference between the booster and other players he’s playing against. Boosting is a very common occurrence in Valorant and other multiplayer games and players often hire professional boosters to boost their virtual rank in return for cash. Over the years, boosting became a lucrative business in the industry as numerous companies hire boosters who boost accounts as a full-time job.

The world record 

Boosting an account from Iron to Radiant seems like an incredibly difficult task to do for just about anyone in the game. It takes a lot of time and patience to perform this feat and you need to be incredibly skilled to carry teammates in low elo and win high elo games after you’ve climbed yourself above Diamond.

However, a Radiant player who is also a Twitch streamer/Youtuber named Root decided to not only attempt to boost an account from Iron to Radiant but try to do it in the shortest amount of time possible. His goal was to boost an account from Iron to Radiant in only 72 hours which would set a world record!

Who is Root?

In order to fully understand this crazy attempt, we have to familiarize ourselves with the man behind it, which is Root. He is an up-and-coming Valorant content creator whose main focus lies in smurfing in lower elo and boosting his smurfs to the highest ranks on the Valorant ladder. His Youtube and Twitch content consists of him streaming and creating videos about boosting those accounts and reaching high elo with outstandingly big win rates. 

While his attempt to boost an account from Iron to Radiant is very ambitious, he does have a history of successfully boosting accounts in low elo and he has found a formula that helps him carry games without the help of his teammates.

The journey begins

His journey in this climbing process began at the bottom of Iron I where he opted to crush games by mostly playing Reyna and adopting a very aggressive playstyle. 

His logic behind playing Reyna in low elo lies in the fact that she is one of the best agents to singlehandedly carry games and snowball as long as she’s consistently getting kills. In comparison to other agents, she’s one of the best ones to gain momentum and keep it going as long as Root can keep stomping his opponents. His movements were extremely aggressive and he used Reyna’s abilities to overpower his opponents by using a combination of stealth, healing as well as increased offensive stats.

Climbing through the ranks

Nine hours in, his climb continued and he swiftly climbed through Bronze and Silver, reaching Gold while dropping only one game in the meantime. The overall win rate at the time was impressive and he won 95%+ games that he participated in. As he reached gold, his agent selection diversified as he had to adjust his playstyle and approach given the fact that he would start playing against better opposition as he kept climbing the ranks. 

The next agent he started playing frequently was Jett because of her incredibly high skill ceiling and outplay potential. Her main playstyle revolves around outplaying opponents with her mobility, flanking, and 1v1 potential. While she is less aggressive than Reyna, she makes up for that with more utility, mobility, and versatility when it comes to her gameplay approach. 

His performances were met with great praise from his teammates that enjoyed his dominant gameplay and with great suspicion of him being a cheater because of his skills.

Reaching high elo

Root reached Diamond with a whopping 26W/2L record while streaming on Twitch for 16 hours straight. He mostly stuck with Jett who was his comfort pick while climbing through the ranks. The next day, he continued his climb and stormed through Diamond in a matter of a couple of hours, swiftly reaching the Ascendant rank. 

Even though he was always the top frag, the games had a different dynamic as the player quality increased on both teams. The enemies were definitely better than those in Bronze or Silver but the teammates were as well. That being said, the Ascendant rank proved to be a piece of cake for Root who reached Immortal I with a 61W/11L record with an incredible 83% win rate. He took a break for the rest of the day after reaching Immortal II and his climb would continue on the third and final day that would determine whether he could make the world record in 72 hours.

The final steps

His impressive performances and domination continued to impress in the Immortal rank as he kept winning the overwhelming majority of the games and being the top fragger. Playing Jett was the main game plan with an occasional Reyna game when he felt he needed to hard carry the team. On the third day, he officially set the world record as he won his final game in Immortal III, reaching Radiant within 72 hours of gameplay. His record was an incredible 110W/28L which nets him a 75% win rate overall, proving that he is a very formidable player who has completed this incredible challenge.

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