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19 JULY 2021 WildRift

How to climb and carry games in Wild Rift

Wild Rift is a team game in which cohesiveness and synergy between you and your teammates are often rewarded with a victory. Whether you’re a new Wild Rift player or a veteran, finding the winning formula is something everyone has to deal with when playing this game, especially because whether we win or not often depends on the team we’re playing with. In order to minimalize the reliance on our teammates, it’s crucial to find a way you can carry games consistently and perform well under any circumstances. For that reason, we’ve created an in-depth guide with all of the steps you need to take before you can start carrying games and climbing in Wild Rift.

#1 Identify your playstyle and your win condition

The first step to glory is to know what you want to play and how you want to play it. To identify your playstyle you have to analyze your character and how you want to approach every game.

In order to maximize the potency of the champion you’ve chosen, it has to be played correctly with a playstyle that suits him. If you prefer aggressive gameplay that relies on fighting in the early game and getting a firm lead as soon as possible, then you might want to consider playing champions that fit your playstyle specifically. For example, if you’re a mid lane player, choosing assassins such as Zed or Katarina is the way to go or something like Leona or Alistar if you happen to be playing support. On the other hand, if you prefer to play a passive game early on, more focused on farming and scaling up, you need to adjust your champion choice and play champions that prefer to farm early on, such as Nasus in the top lane or Master Yi in the jungle.

#2 Make a game plan and analyze your matchup pre-game

One of the most important steps in carrying in Wild Rift is to make a plan before heading into each and every game. Even in champion select, if you’re a laner, you can visualize the lane you’re playing, the trading patterns that will occur, and what are the best decisions you can make when you enter a game. Your matchup will vary every game so you have to mentally prepare yourself for the champions you will be facing. If you’re a jungler, you should plan your pathing before the game starts and which lanes you’re going to gank, depending on the champions you’re playing alongside. If you’re someone who likes to counter-jungle and invade enemy camps, you should take a look at the champion the opposing jungler is playing, so you can visualize and plan how your combat might end up panning out. Overall, planning is crucial in League of Legends and you can carry more games if you prepare yourself properly.

#3 Learn to play from behind

This is a tip that can’t be understated. Some players feel the need to carry games by winning their lane hard or outperforming their counterparts in the opposing team. That’s incorrect and that mentality will lose you much more games than you think. You can carry the game by playing safe and helping your team out by not feeding your lane opponent. Sometimes, matchups can’t be won because you’re getting camped by the opposing jungler or the champion you’re playing against a champion that counters you. In that case, you should be patient and play passively, enabling your team to carry the game instead. Playing from behind is one of the hardest things for any Wild Rift player, as it requires a lot of patience and mental resilience. Sometimes, forfeiting a cannon minion when you’re behind instead of greedily trying to kill it will make a difference between you dying and getting out alive. 

#4 Expand your champion pool

One of the most important things when playing any game is to be diverse and not stick to a single strategy. Wild Rift follows that pattern, and when you only play a single champion and rely on it to win games, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble. Having a favorite champion that you play well and feel comfortable with when piloting is perfectly fine, but you should have other options that you can play well. No matter the meta you’re playing in, you should be able to play 1-2 meta picks on every lane if you’re serious about climbing and carrying in Wild Rift. That is useful and applicable in many scenarios. For example, if you’re picking first out of all of the players in your champion select, you might want to pick a champion that is generally OP in the meta at that moment or a champion that has few bad matchups and can play the lane safely. On the other hand, you might be one of the last picks in your champion select, but the enemy team/lane you’re playing against simply doesn’t suit your preferred champion. In those situations, having multiple choices and champions you feel comfortable with go a long way, and will help you win more games as a result.

#5 Respect your teammates and have a positive attitude

We’ve previously mentioned how important team cohesiveness is, but in some games, your teammates simply don’t want to cooperate with you in various ways. That is a common occurrence and you shouldn’t be disheartened when this happens. You have to understand that you can’t control your teammates’ actions, but you can control your own. If your teammates are extremely toxic and they flame each other, or you for that matter, you shouldn’t respond to those negative comments with the toxicity of your own. Ignoring them or muting them is the best option as it allows you to focus on your game instead of wasting time by typing in the chat. Last but not least, remember that your teammates in-game are human beings behind the screen and you should treat them politely.

#6 Practice makes perfect, don’t be afraid to lose

All of the tips we’ve previously mentioned, along with the knowledge you have already will certainly win you more games as time goes on. That being said, you won’t be able to win every game and you have to be prepared to mentally cope with a loss. Even the best professional players that play the game for a living lose, especially because the game is team-oriented and your impact on each game is limited to your personal performance. If you’re on a loss streak and you’re having a tough time, you shouldn’t be disheartened or disappointed. To never give up is a bit of a cliche, but it’s an accurate cliche. If you keep practicing and improving, you should certainly win more games as time goes on. That being said, if you want an express train ticket to higher elo in Wild Rift, you should check out our Wild Rift boosting offers that will blow you away.

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