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20 JULY 2021 WildRift

How to stop tilting in Wild Rift

One of the most important aspects you have to master if you want to improve in Wild Rift is the way that you approach your losses and tough games. If you’re someone who tilts often, you’ll climb much harder than players who cope with their losses in healthy ways. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “tilt”, tilting is an act in which you get frustrated because of something that happened in-game, causing you to lose focus, play worse and flame your teammates. Essentially, it’s the gamer’s equivalent to being mad and enraged. Everybody tilts, but dealing with that tilt separates mentally strong players and those who aren’t. That’s why we’ve prepared an article in which we’ll talk about several methods that can help you deal with tilting and prevent it overall, resulting in a much higher chance of winning and carrying your team.

Nunu getting question mark pinged

Mute your teammates and stop typing

People often tend to underestimate how much the negative messages and opinions of their teammates impact their gameplay. Just one negative message in chat can completely throw you off and make you lose your focus on the goal, which is to win the game. More often than not, these negative comments will spark a debate in chat, which serves no purpose and deconcentrates the entire team.

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent your teammates from arguing, but you can take the high road by muting them all and focusing on your gameplay. Although this may seem unnecessary, you’d be surprised how distracting and disheartening the negative messages and comments from your teammates can be, especially if the entire team is behind and you’re likely to lose the game.

Take a break 

As someone who’s been tilted over a hundred times, the worst thing you can do after suffering a bad loss is to requeue, especially if you’re feeling annoyed. When you start another game out of grief because of the LP you’ve lost, you’re hindering your chances to win the game massively. If you’re tilted before the game even started, you’ll be deconcentrated from the first moment you step on the rift and you’ll probably make some rash decisions as well. Furthermore, you’re likely to spread your bad energy to your teammates who may be playing their first game of the day, feeling optimistic about the outcome. 

Instead of requeuing, take a five-minute break in which you’ll do anything else but play Wild Rift. Optimally, you’ll want to get away from your screen entirely and walk the loss off. When you get back to playing after taking a break, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to hop into the action, no matter the outcome of the previous game.

Focus on improving in every game

While League of Legends is a team game and a lot of the games you play will be determined by how good your teammates are, that doesn’t prevent you from focusing on your own gameplay and improvement. Some of the losses you suffer cannot be prevented, but instead of blaming your teammates, it’s much more productive and beneficial to take a look at your performance and what you could’ve done better. 

These are some of the best methods you can use to create a winning mentality in Wild Rift:

  • Ask yourself what you could’ve done better in the game you’ve lost, instead of blaming it all on your teammates, even if they’re the reason you lost the game

  • Stop acting like a victim when you lose and try to approach every game as a learning experience, rather than something you have to win 

  • Check your post-game replays where you can get a realistic perspective of your gameplay. It will help you notice and fix the small mistakes you commonly make, which you cannot recognize when you’re in-game.

  • Improve your pre-game routine; analyzing the meta picks, drafting, counter picking your opponent

All of these methods are much more productive than blaming your teammates for the mistakes they make. You have to be aware that you won’t win every game you enter and that you may even go on massive loss streaks sometimes. In those situations, it’s much more beneficial to look at every game as a learning experience instead of focusing on the LP. After you’ve adopted this mentality, you’ll certainly find more success on the Rift.

Learn how to unwind by exercising and stretching

Playing Wild Rift in long sessions can be very exhausting for your eyes and your body in general. That becomes a bigger problem if you don’t make any pauses from the game at all because you’re tilted. However, you can play Wild Rift for a long period of time if you know how to make small breaks that are good for your body and your health. Nothing good ever comes out of non-stop staring at your screen, so you have to make pauses that will help you refresh and unwind.

While it may sound silly, the phrase: “Take a deep breath before you do it”, actually holds a lot of weight. Breathing exercises are one of the best ways of calming down by increasing the oxygen levels in your brain. You should do these exercises after every game you play or after you get tilted in-game for whatever reason. Generally, whenever you’re feeling the tilt knocking on your door, take a couple of deep breaths and you’ll be thinking straight in no time.

Stretching is another great way of relaxing after a game by allowing your body and mind to connect. Ideally, you’ll want to stretch after every game you play because prior to the stretch, you’ll be sitting in a place for 20 minutes without any physical movement.

All of these tips will undoubtedly help you become a better Wild Rift player, but if you’re still itching to get that rank that you cannot achieve, look no further than our Wild Rift boosting services.

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