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20 FEBRUARY 2023 Rainbow Six Siege

Guide to Brava (2023) - Rainbow Six Siege

Brava is one of the newest operators to be added to Rainbow Six Siege, having been introduced in the Year 6 Season 4 update. Brava is a defender from Argentina and is part of the Gruppo Intervento Speciale (GIS), an elite Italian special forces unit. Brava's unique gadgets and abilities make her a versatile and valuable addition to any defensive team.

Gadget and Abilities

Brava's primary gadget is the SELMA Aqua Breacher, which is a throwable device that can be used to breach reinforced walls, floors, and hatches. Unlike other breaching gadgets in the game, the SELMA Aqua Breacher can be thrown from a distance, making it safer for defenders to use. The device can also be picked up and reused, giving Brava an advantage over other operators with limited-use gadgets.

In addition to her breaching gadget, Brava also has a unique secondary gadget called the Barbed Bomb. The Barbed Bomb is a throwable device that can be used to deploy barbed wire around an area, slowing down attackers and making it more difficult for them to move around the map. The device also emits a sound when triggered, allowing defenders to know when an attacker has set it off.

Brava's unique ability is called the Kappa Alarm, which is a passive ability that alerts her when attackers are nearby. The Kappa Alarm creates a sound whenever an attacker moves within range, allowing Brava to know their general location. This ability can be especially useful when paired with the Barbed Bomb, as defenders can use it to create an area of sound-based surveillance that can help to detect and track attackers.


Brava's primary weapon options include the ACS12 shotgun and the Mx4 Storm submachine gun. Both weapons are solid choices for close to medium-range engagements, with the ACS12 offering high damage and large magazine size, while the Mx4 Storm provides accuracy and low recoil.

For her secondary weapon, Brava can choose between the Keratos .357 revolver or the Bailiff 410 revolver shotgun. The Keratos .357 is a high-powered revolver that can deal significant damage, while the Bailiff 410 is a shotgun that can be used for close-quarters combat.


Brava's gadgets and abilities make her a versatile operator that can be used in a variety of defensive strategies. Her SELMA Aqua Breacher can be used to create new lines of sight and escape routes, while her Barbed Bomb can be used to create choke points and slow down attackers. Brava's Kappa Alarm also makes her a valuable asset for surveillance, as it can detect nearby attackers and provide valuable intel to the defensive team.

One effective strategy with Brava is to use her SELMA Aqua Breacher to create new angles of attack on the map. For example, Brava can throw the breaching device to create a new line of sight on a reinforced wall, allowing her to surprise attackers and catch them off guard. This strategy can be especially effective when paired with a teammate who has a long-range weapon, such as a sniper rifle.

Another strategy with Brava is to use her Barbed Bomb to slow down attackers and create choke points on the map. For example, defenders can deploy the Barbed Bomb in a narrow hallway or stairway, making it difficult for attackers to move through without making noise. This can give defenders an advantage by allowing them to anticipate where the attackers are coming from and set up ambushes accordingly.


While Brava's gadgets and abilities can be effective, there are also several ways that attackers can counter her. One way to counter Brava is to use operators with breaching abilities that do not rely on proximity, such as Hibana or Maverick. These operators can breach walls and hatches from a distance, making it difficult for defenders to set up defenses or catch them off guard.

Another way to counter Brava is to use operators with intel-gathering abilities, such as Lion or Dokkaebi. These operators can detect defenders and disrupt their movements, making it difficult for them to use their gadgets effectively. Attackers can also use drones to locate Brava and her gadgets, allowing them to avoid or destroy them before engaging in combat.


Brava is a versatile and valuable addition to any defensive team in Rainbow Six Siege. Her unique gadgets and abilities make her a great choice for breaching and surveillance, while her weapon options provide plenty of options for close to medium-range engagements. With her passive ability to detect nearby attackers and her Barbed Bomb to slow them down, Brava is a force to be reckoned with on the defensive side of the game.

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