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07 MARCH 2021 Rocket League

(2021) The BEST & FASTEST Way to IMPROVE in Rocket League

Rocket League is, without a doubt, one of the hardest multiplayer games to master. The main factor that makes this adrenaline-pumped combination of soccer and vehicle racing more difficult to master than other games lies in the nature of the game itself. There was never a game like Rocket League and this game never had a direct predecessor. To put things into perspective, you could learn the fundamentals of League of Legends by playing DotA, or the basics of CS:GO by playing older Counter-Strike games. Unlike those games, Rocket League created a unique genre of its own and you couldn’t learn all of the gimmicky tricks in a different game you played before. That, paired up with the fact that Psyonix decided to make the game free-to-play last summer, ended up with a lot of players being unfamiliar with the game’s playstyle. There are also thousands of players that invest a lot of time into the game but simply cannot get out of the lowest ranks of competitive play. That’s why we’ve decided to create an article with general tips that will help you improve as a Rocket League player, no matter if you’re a newbie or someone who’s stuck in a low tier. If you’re looking for advice on improving your mechanical play, however, we’ve already written an article about some quick tips and tricks that will do just that.

Set up your camera controls 

Now, this tip exclusively applies to new players, but there are some seasoned players who have their camera controls messed up as well. In order to play the game properly, you have to set up your camera properly as well. Keep in mind that some of these settings are based on preference, but some of them will make it harder for you to play the game if you don’t fix them. For example, you should always have your camera shake turned off. It serves no purpose except destabilizing your view and making the game harder to play. Make sure it’s turned off at all times, especially if you’re a new player as it will make the learning curve of the game much steeper. Moving on, you should up your field of view to 110°. While this change is subjective to a degree, upping your field of view will provide a wider view of the field and help you have a better overview of what’s happening around the field.

As far as other controls go, you should aim for:

  • Distance - 220-290  

  • Height- 90 - 120  

  • Angle- -3.00 to -5.00 

  • Stiffness- 0.55 - 0.75


If you’re a new player that is struggling to grasp the basics of Rocket League, worry not, We’ve written a beginners guide to rocket league.

Use training packs

Practice makes perfect in life, and Rocket League is no different. Training packs are one of the best ways to introduce yourself to the game if you’re a newbie. Training packs are Rocket League’s community-built tutorials that help you get better in a certain aspect of the game. There are thousands of training packs you can find online for basically every piece of skill you’re going to need in Rocket League. Additionally, you can create your own training packs where you can set up your perfect training drill and practice just the way you’d like to.  This is helpful as you can create the scenario you’d want to encounter in a real game.

Use freeplay 

On the other hand, there’s also freeplay. Freeplay is essentially the casual training ground of Rocket League and it’s the best way to learn the game’s fundamentals. You’re playing against nobody and there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just you, the ball, and the nets, and the limitless possibilities this setting enables. It’s just like practicing basketball free throws. However, in Rocket League, you can practice wall reads, receiving passes, bounces, powershots, aerial accuracy, just about anything you want and it will help you improve as a player, even though it sounds boring to play on your own. If you’re a newbie, if you spend a period of time practicing in freeplay, you’ll get the feeling of the ball and you’ll be able to predict its behavior in-game as well. It may sound tedious, but repeating a move over and over in freeplay for an hour will help you improve much more than rushing into PvP matches.

Additionally, I’d personally recommend a warmup routine that I do before I start my Rocket League sessions. Ever since I started taking Rocket League ranked seriously, I always play 10-20 mins of solo freeplay before playing a competitive match. Sometimes, when I get tilted in a ranked match I spend about 10 minutes just relaxing in freeplay. It’s important to try to relax once you lose a big ranked match and playing freeplay is one of the best ways to do so.

Furthermore, playing Boomer Mode is also a great way to improve your mechanics, especially the aerial ones. Boomer mode is a mode in which the settings are different compared to “normal” Rocket League and it’s used to improve your mechanics. As a matter of fact, a couple of pro players revealed in their interviews that they have used this mode when practicing before their matches. 

Here are the most common settings for Boomer Mode :

  • Max speed: super fast

  • Weight: super light

  • Bounciness: super high

  • Boost amount: unlimited

  • Boost strength: 1.5x

Watch how professionals play the game

When most of us embarked on our first Rocket League game, we had no idea how to do all of the fancy air dribbles, flip resets, and other tricks a newbie usually isn’t familiar with. To be honest, the first time I’ve played Rocket League, I had no idea that you can use walls to your advantage and all of the crazy things they enable. That’s why an important tip we’d like to give you is to watch streamers/professionals play Rocket League in a competitive environment. To be fair, this tip applies to any multiplayer game and it’s one of the best ways to get your game on a new level. 

The first option is to watch competitive Rocket League esports games and see what the pros are doing. Generally speaking, by watching professional games you’ll inherit some of their good gameplay habits and you’ll learn tricks you couldn’t learn by playing on your own. You’ll see mechanics and decision-making routines that an average player isn’t familiar with and that will come a long way for any new Rocket League player. However, try to watch tournaments and pro games that you can view from a players’ perspective, as you’ll get a better grip on their in-game playstyle. 

On the other hand, you can also watch Twitch streamers play on their own. Some people prefer the one-on-one feeling that Twitch streams provide and the ability to hear the streamer’s thoughts. Fortunately, there are hundreds of educational Rocket League streamers who explain the ins-and-outs of the game while playing it on a daily basis. Another great piece of advice is to get replay analysis from one of the streamers you watch. Most streamers offer replay analysis if you subscribe to their channel or end up amassing a lot of channel points which you get by just watching the stream. By getting a replay analysis, you’ll get advice on how to improve your gameplay mistakes that you didn’t even realize you were making. It’s beneficial for you and the streamer as well, so there’s no reason not to do it. Last but not least, you can watch Youtube tutorials or guides from Rocket League pros if you prefer that type of educational format.

Watching rocket league boosters play is also one of the most surefire ways to improve at the game, ordering a rocket league rank boosting & then adding enable streaming option for your boost will definitely help you to improve a lot and you will be able to ask your booster any question about their gameplay.

Overall, it’s best to combine watching pro games as well as educational Twitch streamers as it will drastically improve your game sense and mechanics in the long run. By watching someone who’s experienced at the game, you’ll save yourself hundreds of hours of making silly mistakes and you’ll improve much faster overall.

Get advice from experienced friends

If you’re getting into Rocket League in 2021, it’s very likely that one of your friends recommended this game to you. If that’s the case, well you’re in luck, as you can use their knowledge of the game to your advantage. Don’t be hesitant to ask them to give you advice on your positioning and mechanics as well as to check your replays and point out your mistakes. In general, try to play with your friends that are highly ranked as you can passively learn from them just by playing in the same match. Another great idea is to organize a 1v1 match with one of your friends. Even though Rocket League is a team game, playing 1v1’s can be really beneficial to your skill. 1v1’s are just like freeplay but with an addition of an opponent which makes it much more different as there is someone to put pressure on you when you make a mistake. You can highly improve your dribbling, flicking, shot placement, defending, aerial flicks, and many more skills that you can focus on when playing 1v1s. Additionally, if you’re just beginning to play Rocket League, your friend can point out the mistakes you make easier if you two are the only players on the field. Last but not least, realistically, 1v1 situations will appear in your 2v2 and 3v3 games, and by grinding 1v1’s you’ll be much more confident once you actually end up in a 1v1 situation in an important game.

Hire a coach

Hiring a coach is, in some ways, fairly similar to getting advice from a friend. The difference, however, is that instead of asking friends for advice, you’ll actually get coached by a Rocket League expert. Rocket League coaching is beneficial in many ways as you’ll get a personalized one-on-one coaching session with someone who knows the ins-and-outs of the game. The main advantage of getting personal coaching from someone instead of just reading a guide is that you’ll get an individual training session with an expert who’ll point out the mistakes you regularly make. The best part about Rocket League coaching is that there are hundreds of coaches that will help you for free, just to improve their coaching skills. Don’t hesitate to look for coaches in Rocket League Discord servers because you’re bound to find a coach which will help you improve for no cost at all. Last but not least, you can also find various Rocket League coaching courses made by pro players which are specifically designed for new players working to improve their skills. 

Don’t be afraid to jump and fail in ranked

Now, this tip is a bit controversial but I highly stand behind what I’m about to say. Don’t be afraid to get into a ranked match, push yourself, and don’t be afraid to lose. Ranked is the primary competitive Rocket League gamemode and it’s the place you’re gonna test your skills against other players. The main difference between Ranked and other gamemodes is the fact that you can actually demote to lower divisions and that there is much more pressure on you from your teammates, but I highly suggest you ignore that fact, especially after reading our article about tips on ranked play. If you enter ranked with a more relaxed and carefree attitude, you’re much more likely to end up winning and improving as a result. You’ll get nowhere by being nervous and anxious before going into a ranked match as you’ll just end up tilting and hating the time you spend playing the game. In Rocket League, as in every aspect of life, it’s much more fun to win than to lose, especially if the stakes are high, which is exactly the case in ranked play. That, however, doesn’t mean you should beat yourself up if you end up losing a ranked match, especially if you’re a newbie. Take your time to learn the game and don’t concentrate on your teammates’ comments.  Eventually, you’ll turn your failures into successes and you’ll feel much more comfortable when playing ranked.

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