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13 FEBRUARY 2023 Valorant

Best Valorant agents to get out of low elo

When it comes to Valorant, playing in low elo (up to gold) is a different experience compared to playing in higher ranks of competitive play. That’s because different strategies and agents are efficient against players who are unskilled and easily outplayable. Picking an agent in Valorant whose skillset isn’t catered to playing in a hectic low elo setting can be one of the reasons why you’re stuck in low elo. That’s why we’ve created the top 5 list of best agents to play in low elo and dominate games.

5. Neon 

Mobility and speed are some of the critical strengths your agent needs to have in order to dominate low elo. Luckily, Neon’s kit allows her to be very agile and she can sprint and slide with incredible agility thanks to her High Gear ability that will enable her to dominate the map. Her Q, Relay Bolt, is an amazing ability to use when you’re attacking enemies as it’s the perfect tool to kickstart fights. Her E’s charge resets after every 2 kills which further promotes and rewards an aggressive playstyle that results in killing opponents. Last but not least, her Overdrive allows her to gain a surge of movement speed while shooting a deadly bolt that damages opponents.

4. Phoenix

Phoenix is truly the perfect agent for low elo, given his aggressive options and easily-comprehensible playstyle that is catered towards new players entering the game. His signature ability Hot Hands is very straightforward to use while being efficient at damaging opponents as well. However, the true potential of outplaying low elo opponents stems from his ultimate ability Run it Back. As it returns you to the original spot where it was activated a few seconds after activation, it provides you with a safety net, allowing you to make extremely aggressive plays while being unpunished and carry your team.

3. Reyna

Reyna is undoubtedly one of the most high-risk high-reward agents in the game whose kit forces you to adopt a playstyle that results in bloodshed and mayhem. Her passive allows her to obtain soul orbs that are dropped once an opponent dies that empower her abilities in many ways. Her Q heals her rapidly once she consumes an orb, allowing her to go on killing streaks unharmed as she can simply reset her health after being damaged. Her E also empowers her dueling abilities as Reyna becomes intangible for a short duration after using the ability. Last, but certainly not least, is her ultimate ability Empress which bestows her with a myriad of increased stats, and this ability’s duration is extended every time Reyna kills or assists an ally, further rewarding the player by playing aggressively.

2. Raze

In the last few years, Raze became one of the most popular low elo picks due to her streamlined, simple kit that is very effective in a low elo setting. All of Raze’s abilities are designed to create havoc and damage enemies with various explosives. Her Q and C are both perfect for catching unskilled opponents off-guard and inflicting significant damage before the real combat begins. However, the real eye-raiser when it comes to her kit is her ultimate which allows her to equip a rocket launcher and fire it, inflicting massive damage to any enemies that are caught in the blast.

1. Jett

While being very mechanically demanding, Jett’s biggest strength in Valorant is the fact that she is really rewarding if you put in the hours of work necessary to master her. If you choose to spend some time learning to play her, because of her kit, you will be able to stomp low elo games. Zooming around the map with Tailwind and Updraft and gliding afterwards will often confuse opponents, especially if you’re experienced enough, allowing you to get the sweet finisher with your ultimate ability, the Blade Storm. Additionally, killing sprees are encouraged and supported further by the fact that she gets a bonus knife on her ultimate every time she participates in a kill.

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