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10 JANUARY 2023 Valorant

How to win with bad teammates in Valorant

The truth of every game, no matter its substance is that you can’t win them all, but what happens when you never win? In Valorant, much like every other team game, the outcome of your game is heavily impacted by the performance of your teammates.  Regardless of your performance, you sometimes feel like the universe is against you and that it’s impossible to win a game. That being said, there are certain methods that will help you win more games and climb, regardless of your teammates.

Get an elo boost

What is Valorant boosting?

Boosting is a method of climbing in which you hire a professional or a friend to play on your account and increase your virtual rank instead of you. It is a very common way low elo players reach high elo without breaking a sweat and it’s become very popular in recent years, especially in very competitive games like Valorant

Boosting works best for players who don’t have the time to climb to the rank they desire and players that are tired of losing games because of their teammates.

Forms of boosting

Solo boosting is the first, and most used method of boosting as it simply involves you giving the booster the login credentials to your account and the booster takes care of the rest. The booster will then play on your account until he has reached the rank you’ve paid for. The other forms of boosting, which are a bit less common are team and duo boosting.

How boosting can help you improve as a player

Boosting can help you improve as a player in more ways than one. Firstly, being surrounded by skillful players will force you to adopt and implement positive gameplay habits. Every game you enter will be a new lesson and a learning experience, especially when you play with players who are good at the game. If you pay attention to how the best players play your favorite agents, you will be able to implement that in your games. Since voice chat is available in Valorant, you’ll consistently be surrounded by skilled players who are making crucial in-game calls. If you pay attention, you’ll be able to learn a lot by listening to their commands and tips. Being in high elo means more invites to elite Discord servers as well as more friend requests from experienced players.  Stop talking to your team

In a competitive game, if your teammates are more engaged in talking than what is going on their screen, it might be very difficult to focus on winning. This is extremely amplified in Valorant, where everyone starts shouting in voice chat if something isn’t the way they planned or they just spam the chat with nonsense. If you want to win more games and carry them, you should mute the offending players or the chat entirely rather than engage in pointless toxic behavior. Once you mute all of the things that distract you or make you feel uncomfortable, you will be ready to play without distractions and you’ll have a much higher chance of carrying.

Learn from your games instead of blaming your team

Certain games are not meant to be won which is just the nature of Valorant, but those losses in which you’ve played exceptionally well feel very deflating. However, even though it’s very tempting to start pointing fingers at your team, it’s much more productive if you try to focus on your gameplay. In the long run, you’ll find much more success in Valorant ranked if you try to analyze every game you play and focus on improving the little things instead of pointing fingers at your teammates, even if they’re the ones who caused you to lose the game. With a stoic mindset focused on long-term improvement, you’ll find a lot of success in ranked and climb even when playing with the worst teammates.

Play duo or team up with boosters

Even though it’s much less common to play with boosters instead of simply getting an elo boost, ordering a duo or a team boost from a boosting website can do wonders for you as a Valorant player. When you order a duo/team boost, you’ll be able to actively communicate with the booster and passively soak up their knowledge of the game. If you’re getting boosted AND actively participate in the boosting process, you’ll be able to get to any rank you desire while playing with the best players and listening to their advice, which is a win-win situation. 

Give advice to your teammates instead of flaming

If you’re someone who’s stuck in low elo with unskilled teammates, that’s because a lot of them are simply new to the game. There is only so much you can do when someone lacks the necessary experience to compete and playing with those players can be undoubtedly frustrating. However, while it may seem logical to lash out at them and tell them to quit ranked until they’re good enough, giving simple advice like “play safer”, or “aim higher” can go a long way. The tone and the context of the message you’re sending matter a lot in this scenario, as you don’t want to sound too harsh because your teammates will feel offended. As long as you’re not flaming them and you try to support them and create a friendly team dynamic, you’ll certainly win more games.

Become the leader

In certain games where you feel that the skill gap between you and your teammates is high, you shouldn’t hesitate to take the role of the team leader. Every professional team has a shot caller that makes the in-game decisions and tells his teammates what to do and where to go. This method of playing is highly applicable to solo queue as well, where you can find your teammates often running around the map like headless chickens. Should that happen, it’s perfectly reasonable for you to just assume the role of the leader and call the shots. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t talk too much and that you should keep your calls short and sweet in order not to distract your teammates from playing.

Here are some of the best in-game calls you can make:

  • Number of players that you’ve seen, where, and which agents they are

  • Which abilities have you used and which abilities have you seen the enemy agents use

  • Damage that you’ve dealt to an opponent or received

  • Which site you are planning to attack before the round starts

  • Simple calls such as: “smoke that area” or “use that ability”

Manage your expectations

Being realistic is one of the key properties when it comes to climbing in Valorant, especially if you’re stuck in low elo. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be someone who deserves to be in low elo, you have to understand that the people you’re playing with probably do. You can get very tilted if you expect your Silver teammates to be competing at a high level which can ruin your in-game focus. While it sounds a bit sad, you should always expect absolutely nothing from your teammates and you should be ready to be matched with toxic players who are unskilled. By adopting this mindset, you won’t be negatively surprised when someone starts trolling in your games and you’ll be better prepared to carry the games on your own.

Spend time in the practice range

While it may sound corny and overused, practice certainly makes perfect. Valorant’s practice range is a perfect place to improve your aim as well as practice using some guns you’re not familiar with. Even if you consider yourself to be skilled, don’t think that you’re above using the practice range as pro players consistently spend time perfecting their aim and crosshair placement when they’re not playing. Using the practice range is a great idea when you’re tilted after a game and need some time to clear your mind.

Don’t take unnecessary fights

The cause of most deaths in low elo is unnecessary aggression when you’re ahead. If the round started well and your team got free frags, you shouldn’t take uncalculated risks that may leave you exposed to a comeback from the enemy team. For example, if you’re playing a 4v2, you should wait for the opposing team to slip up and make a mistake. The enemy team will undoubtedly make a risky play since they have fewer members alive and they need to engage in a fight if they want to win. 

Play while you’re dead

Last, but certainly not the last way to win more games is to not stop playing when you’re down. In lower-ranked tiers of play, players often forget how useful their perspective of the game is even when they’re not actively participating. If you get knocked down early in the round, you should use your point of view to remind your allies of the utility options they have available and provide them with useful tips.

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