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28 AUGUST 2020 Valorant

How Boosting Can Help YOU Improve

In today’s article, we will talk about the many benefits that there are when purchasing a boosting service and we will primarily be focusing on boosting in Valorant. If you’ve ever played an online game with some form of a ranked ladder or some slightly more competitive game mode, you have most likely come in contact with a booster or someone being boosted. Boosting in simple terms is when a highly ranked player logs onto the account of a lower-tier player in order to increase their rank within the game. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a friend who is a higher rank and willing to boost you, you will have to pay for a boost if you desire to reach your desired rank. There are many people who purchase boosting services because of AFK or trolling teammates or simply a lack of time to invest in the game. Now we will get into more details and find out exactly how boosting can help you. There are more benefits to boosting than one might expect and today we will go through the most relevant ones ;specially that boosting is becoming safer and safer everyday.

Rank increase

This is probably the most obvious benefit you get for hiring a boosting service, the increase of your rank. To many people, this is mostly a thing to show-off or to have boasting right among your friends. Some people genuinely want to achieve a high rank as some sort of personal goal and if they cannot achieve this due to teammates or lack of time hiring a booster is a huge help. Many games also offer rewards for reaching the highest tiers of play, so there is an added benefit to climbing to the highest rank apart from the prestige itself. Many games offer skins or unique non-purchasable in-game cosmetics that are only accessible to the highest-ranked players. These kinds of things can be worth a lot of money, and the higher the rank the more value these things have. Because our primary focus is Valorant the next segment will be dedicated to talking about everything a booster can unlock for you in Valorant.

Cosmetics and agents

Before we get into any further details about the benefits of boosting let’s talk about the Valorant reward system. Valorant offers quite a bit of free in-game cosmetics that can be unlocked if you play the game enough. The better you play the faster you will unlock these free skins and similar rewards the game offers.  Valorant is a game that rewards players for constant and good play. Every new player receives 5 free agents of choice after only a few games, after that unlocking agents becomes a significantly more painstaking and grueling process. Valorant works on a system of “Agent contracts'', these contracts collect experience points you get while playing the game and completing missions. After reaching a certain threshold of experience point you unlock a certain reward. There are 10 tiers of rewards that are unique to each agent. These rewards are player cards, player titles, a gunbuddy, importantly at tier 5 the agent itself if you haven’t previously unlocked it, sprays and at tier 10 a unique pistol skin. Agent contracts are the only way to unlock agents after getting your first 5 and despite there not being many agents in Valorant yet, it still takes a while to unlock them all. Furthermore, the aforementioned player cards, player titles, and sprays hold some value of their own, even though they are easily attainable they are still only accessible through agent contracts and cannot be bought. But the real value hides in the gunbuddy and especially the unique pistol skin. While the gunbuddies are unique to each agent and also cannot be bought, they are a nice addition to your guns and a very cool cosmetic, the pistol skin is where the real value hides. These pistol skins are very rare and very hard to attain, as they require countless hours of play, especially if not done by a professional booster (because of slower mission completion). Skins can be quite expensive in Valorant so getting free ones is certainly nothing to disregard or scoff at. When these things are taken into consideration it’s quite easy to argue that getting boosted is a very worthwhile investment. Considering the booster will certainly complete the mission at a way faster pace he will also complete the agent contracts quicker ,therefore, getting you a lot of rewards.

Skill increase

This might be the most overlooked and disregarded benefit of hiring a boosting service for no apparent reason. People assume that if you pay someone to play on your account it is because you do not wish to improve and only care about results. This however is not necessarily true at all. You may wonder how boosting could possibly help improve your skill in a certain way, the answer is simple. For only an average of $10, any good boosting website will offer you a stream of the games a booster is playing on your account, while still appearing offline to your friends.. This can help you massively improve in the game, as any booster playing on your account will certainly be a top tier player. Watching a player with such a high skill level from a first-person point of view will definitely help you improve drastically. Boosting sites may also offer coaching from the booster and a live review of a game that they have played where they break down everything they did and everything you should do. For an additional price the boosters will play any agent you desire, so you can even learn to play your favorite agent. Furthermore, you can play alongside as many boosters as you can fit in your team and as many as you can pay for. This way you will learn by playing with these higher rank players and you will simultaneously play with players on your level whilst learning and progressing with these highly skilled players. Anyone purchasing boosting services for Valorant should keep in mind that if you are purchasing a boost to the highest tiers (Immortal and Radiant), thanks to Riot’s ranked system your individual performance will not have a huge impact in maintaining rank and your stay in these higher tiers of play is almost guaranteed.


In conclusion, there are many benefits to purchasing a boosting service, some that you’ve most likely forgotten or not considered at all as well. From the prestige and high regard you get from reaching the highest tiers of play to the free agents and small cosmetic upgrades you can receive. The highly valuable and well-designed pistol skins that could potentially be equivalent in value to some cheaper boosts. The potential you have to learn and progress in the game while watching and playing with extremely good and skilled players. If you don’t have time or willpower to deal with teammates and a little extra money investing in a boost is a genuinely good idea, as you will most likely make your money back in skins and unlocks.

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