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06 JULY 2020 Valorant

T1 X NSG - The Biggest Valorant Tournament Known

What could be seen as one of the most versatile, competitive, and overall; creative video games released in the past decade, others would chalk Valorant up to be a simple tactical shooter. We’re here to state otherwise, Valorant not only held record high numbers for beta server live viewers, reaching numbers like 1.7 million viewers, along with the game recorded hitting over 19 million hours watched ( on Twitch ), you could easily say Valorant hit the bullseye in the eyes of the professional eSports scene. Of course, those numbers sparked the valorant boosting & competitive scene. They got all the exposure they could ever want, and more, without the game even being publicly released! If you’re new to articles, and what we have to offer, we’re easily one of the best, most informative, and decorated websites around, and we’re here to help YOU get better at games; such as Valorant. Did you hear about T1 Food hitting “Radiant” not too long ago? 

With Valorant hitting shelves just a little under a few weeks ago ( official release date was on June 2nd, 2020. ) there have been thousands, upon thousands of unofficial tournaments drafted by players who are looking to get their competitive spirit up and going. Little do these people know what T1 had in store for the tournament life of Valorant, and Valorant players. 

Qualifiers, on top of elimination rounds, best of 3’s, and best of 5’s even; T1 ( along with the help of Nerd Street Gamers ) have both combined forces and taken to the playing field to show that what they have to offer isn’t just a simple point-and-click shooter / FPS. 

T1 x NSG Showdown is the first official, sponsored Valorant tournament. To put it lightly, Valorant is going to be the most streamed game, and advertised video game for the next few years, this upcoming / ongoing tournament  has shown up out of nowhere, and with that being the best motivator, has thrown teams against each other in a professional setting, and will forevermore change the course of professional eSports for Valorant. 

16 teams, starting on 06/26/2020, all of the biggest names in eSports has been invited, ( all the way from T1, Gen.G eSports, Sentinels, Immortals, Team SoloMid, Team Ninja, Cloud9, Mixup, Code7, 100T, FaZe Clan, Charlotte Phoenix, together we are terrific, Prospects, Spot Up, and Echo 8 ) - 16 total teams set up against each other in a Best of 3 setting, which leads into a playoff bracket - where 8 teams will be paired up against each other, forced to use the Double Elimination bracket. With these teams winning their matches, this will instantly throw you into a Best of 3 match, if they lose however; they’ll be thrown into a Best of 1 match. Grand finals will host a Best of 5, with the Winners taking map advantage ( allowing the team that won to choose their map ).

During those grand finals, Gen.G eSprots, and Team Brax both won 1st and 2nd place - Gen.G taking home 1st place with $20,000 in the bank, and Team Brax taking home $5,000 at the end of the Grand Finale. 

If you’re a fan, or moderate spectator, this is going to be one of the biggest known tournaments hosted by two different independent organizations, and we suggest you watch this very closely if you’re looking to improve.

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