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TFT Coaching and Remote Boosting

With the increase in popularity of auto chess games in 2019, Riot has decided to invest a lot of time and effort into improving their auto chess project named Teamfight Tactics. In late 2019, the game had over 30 million monthly users, reeling in a lot of League veterans that were interested in the game’s concept as well as many auto chess enthusiasts. Consequently, a lot of League players that were interested in TFT had no idea how the game works or how auto chess games work in general. Transitioning from a game like League of Legends to TFT can be difficult as the games share no gameplay resemblances. That’s why we, at have decided to provide both coaching and remote boosting services for TFT, and in the following article, we will analyze how they can help you improve as a player and why they’re a solid long-term investment. 

Why is Coaching a Good Option?

  • Coaching In Comparison To Boosting

At this point, you may be wondering why TFT coaching is a good idea and why you’d pick it over getting boosted. For starters, coaching is in many ways superior to boosting when it comes to TFT as a long term investment. When you get boosted, your rank is increased by someone else who plays on your account while your skill stays the same. If you’re someone who just wants to get their virtual rank boosted instead of actually becoming better than the game, then boosting is the right choice for you. Otherwise, coaching is a welcome addon, especially when it comes to Teamfight Tactics. At, we pride ourselves upon our selection of top-notch boosters as well as top-notch coaches that will break down the ins and outs of the game and teach you valuable lessons that will vastly improve your skill as a result. When you use our coaching services, you’re undoubtedly investing in your skill as a TFT player. Last but not least, if you’re someone who gets boosted often but fails to maintain the high rank he’s boosted to, it may be beneficial to get coached as it will help you permanently improve.

  • Coaching As An Introduction To Auto Chess Mechanics

Before deciding to get coached in Teamfight Tactics, it’s important to understand the core mechanics of auto chess games and why it’s useful if someone breaks them down for you. Generally speaking, auto battler games are strategy-based games similar to board games such as chess, hence the name auto chess games. If you haven’t gripped the concept of auto chess games or played one before playing TFT, you’ll have no idea what’s going on once you enter your first game. That’s why it’s useful if you get the basic idea of the game from some of our coaches that will tell you all of the necessary information before you start playing the game seriously. Unique aspects of the game such as carousel picking, unit placement, team comp synergies, item combinations, and many other TFT mechanics are most likely completely foreign to you and it’s best to choose reliable coaching staff that will break down the game for you.

  • Coaching As A Way To Get Out of Low ELO

In previous instances, we’ve discussed the benefits of being coached if you’re someone who has no experience in TFT at all, but what if you’re someone that’s already playing the game but can’t get out of Bronze or Silver. You’re at the right place then, as we assure you that our coaching services will push your game to the next level. If you’re someone that is stuck in one of the bottom tiers of TFT’s competitive play who’s struggling to grasp the concepts of Teamfight Tactics, coaching is the right option for you. Instead of wasting hours trying to figure out the best approach to improve your play, you’ll get personal advice from some of the best players in the world. Teamfight Tactics, while is a skill-based game, relies a lot on RNG and the luck of the draw. With our coaching, you’ll be introduced to the most consistent and stable strategies that will ensure that you can properly approach every game state no matter if you got lucky or not. Additionally, our coaches will introduce you to the best and most consistent meta strategies, team comps, item combinations, and the most suitable gameplay approaches depending on the opposition you’re facing.

Remote Boosting - A New Way of Improving Your Gameplay!

At, we strive to innovate and bring new options to the table for our clients, and for that reason we’ve introduced remote boosting to our boosting offer. If you haven’t heard of this term before, worry not, as you’re in the majority of people that are unfamiliar with it. Remote boosting is a unique take on boosting which combines elements of boosting and coaching in order to create a unique boost that will both propel you account into higher elo as well as teach you a lot about the game’s mechanics. Simply put, it’s a mixture of boosting and coaching that reaps the benefits of both worlds. So how does it work? Remote boosting is done in front of your eyes as you share your screen and gameplay through Discord or Skype to your booster. Your booster then guides you through the game, telling you the best moves at the given moment and instructing you what to do further. As a result, you’ll win the games you play, climb the ranks until you’ve reached your desired ranking, as well as learn a lot about the best ways to play TFT from certified professionals. Remote boosting is a stellar choice for anyone looking to get boosted as well as invest in their skill as a TFT player. Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that remote boosting is a safe choice for anyone who is skeptical about sharing their personal account information with any third-party website as you’ll be the one playing on the account that’s being boosted.

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